Tell me more about the 20 year warranty.

We stand behind (and sleep on) our products, and we will do everything we can to resolve issues quickly should they arise. Every mattress comes with up to a 20 year limited warranty against manufactured defects. Be sure to keep your reciept as proof of purchase. Here's how it breaks down. Month 0 -120: full warranty with no cost replacement available. Month 121 - 240: prorated limited warranty A few conditions must be met to qualify for the full warranty period of 10 years, plus the 10 prorated years. In addition to your purchase receipt, your mattress must not show any signs of misuse or abuse, must have the original cover intact and unstained, and all sewn law tags must be attached. Proof of purchase of a new foundation box or boxspring within 1 month of your mattress purchase may also be required.

How does the prorated 10 year warranty work?

If your mattress does not meet the requirements of the full warranty period, don't worry, you are still covered! With your original receipt, you are eligible for a 10 year prorated warranty. Just file a claim and provide us with a few pieces of information. Then use this simple formula to determine your replacement cost: Online price of your mattress Minus the # of years left on your warranty period multiplied by 10% of the online price Plus $95 Claim Processing and shipping fee = Your replacement cost For example HEIR ET QUEEN $955 >>>>> MSRP -$764 >>>>> 80% discount for two years of use +$95 >>>>> Claim processing fee _______ $286 >>>>> Your cost for replacement

What does the warranty cover?

The Bed Boss warranty covers manufactured defects such decompression problems, sagging (greater than 1.0 inch), or foam defects.

What if I buy online?

Use caution. Only purchases made from Authorized and Select Retailers, or directly from will carry product warranty. There are lots of fakers out there offering suspiciously cheap prices. Make sure you are receiving a genuine BedBoss bed!

I see your beds on Amazon, Ebay, and Craig's list. Do I get a warranty on those?

NO. Purchases from unauthorized retailers, or any THIRD PARTY reseller (like Amazon, EBAY, Craig's List, Overstock) are not covered by our warranty.

What if I don't like how my mattress feels?

While comfort preferences aren't covered under our manufacturing warranty, we do our very best to create satisfied customers. We know buying a mattress can feel like a big commitment. If you are not satisfied with your BedBoss bed anytime between 3 months to 18 months after purchase, you may apply for our "We've got your back Comfort Soultion" We will cover the majority of the cost of a replacement mattress. You can try any other model for up to 60% off, plus a $95 exchange fee. Some companies require you to donate your old mattress in order to receive a new one. This is really difficult as many donation sites no longer accept mattresses. Other companies ask you to send back your old bed, but we know that stuffing your mattress back in the box and shipping it back to us is downright impossible. We work with you to find a simple, cost effective solution that works for everyone. Give us a chance to find the best sleeping solution for you. Contact us to get the ball rolling.

Is there a warranty on the pillows?

Our pillows are fantastic, and made to last, but there is no specific warranty. However, just let us know what you are experiencing and with a little creativity and patience, we'll having you sleeping great in no time.

How can I determine if the problem is in my mattress or the box?

Just slide your bed on to the floor and try it out. Then look closely at, and run your hands across, the surface of your box spring or foundation. Notice any waves? If so, the problem is most likely in your support and not your Bed Boss mattress.

Help! My mattress feels like it is sagging.

Take a good look at the box underneath. Is it solid, stable, and flat? Foam naturally conforms, to your body and to the surface it rests on. Dips, sags, or soft areas in your foundation can be exaggerated in your memory foam mattress. Still concerned your mattress may be defective? You can get in touch with us through the warranty claim form or by email at