2", 4", or 13" Adjustable Bed Base Riser Legs | Set of 6


Adjust the height of your BED BOSS adjustable base by using 2", 4", or 2-piece 13" legs. One set includes 6 legs. Quickly install the legs by twisting them into your base.


Only compatible with Revitalize 204, Optimize 304, Relax 404, Arise 504, and Maximize 604 models.

  • Product Highlights

    • Set of 6 legs
    • Customize your BED BOSS adjustable base height - Choose 2", 4", or two-piece 13" height
    • Durable construction - Built with sturdy, heavy duty steel
    • Easy to install - Simply twist the legs into your base. PLEASE NOTE: All legs are ONLY compatible with BED BOSS bases
    • Stackable - Use the legs to replace or add height to your current legs


    PLEASE NOTE: 2" legs are not tall enough to clear the mechanisms underneath the base. They cannot be used by themselves and can only be used to increase height by attaching to another leg.

  • Compatible Bases