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Will My Mattress Get Softer?

Updated: Feb 10

Does your new mattress feel different from what you picked out at the store? Find out why and ways to help.

Several factors can impact why your new mattress feels different from what you remember in the mattress store. The age of the floor model and the room temperature—even the type of frame or platform it was on—can affect how your mattress feels now compared to the floor model.

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Foam Softens Over Time

If the floor model you tried was a few years old and had seen a lot of foot traffic, the feel you remember would be noticeably softer than the feel of one fresh out of the wrapper. The good news is that you can expect your new mattress to soften up over time. Even the most heavily tested floor models will not experience as much use as your own, meaning it will take significantly less time for your own mattress to soften with use. 

While you wait for your mattress to soften up, you could always utilize a plush memory foam topper. The Bed Boss Renew Gel Memory Foam Topper is a great way to soften the feel of your mattress while you wait for the foam to break in.

My Mattress Feels Firm When I Lie Down

Temperature can play a big role in how soft your memory foam or hybrid mattress feels when you first lie down. For example, a mattress in a cold room will feel firm until it warms up and softens.

Memory foam is very sensitive to changes in temperature, especially if the foam is higher density. If you keep your room cool, it could take a little time for your body heat to warm up the bed.

My Mattress Is Too Soft!

What can you do if your mattress felt comfortable in the past but now feels way too soft for comfort? After your mattress reaches a certain age, there is little you can do to correct the firmness. This is why most folks in the mattress business suggest changing your mattress every seven to ten years to get the best sleep possible. 

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If your mattress is less than ten years old, there are a few tricks you could try to make it feel more comfortable:

While you cannot flip most modern memory foam and hybrid mattresses, you can rotate them 180 degrees. By rotating your mattress, you can even out the wear on the surface. We recommend rotating your Bed Boss mattress 2 to 4 times a year.

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Does your mattress feel like it is sagging, but there are no noticeable dips in its surface? Or, do you find yourself waking up at night stuck in the middle of your mattress? These are both telltale signs that you need to consider fortifying your existing foundation or purchasing something more sturdy.

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Modern mattresses do best on solid platforms or frames with wide slats that provide support down the entire surface of the bed. Large bed sizes such as Queen and King need center supports as well. Cheap, wooden boxes that come at a too-good-to-be-true price are simply not worth the hassle. Cheap boxes will eventually ruin your mattress and force you to purchase a replacement a lot sooner than you should have to.

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The way your mattress feels can vary quite a bit depending on the factors we discussed in this article. It is up to you to use this knowledge to tweak your mattress to meet your sleep preferences. At The Bed Boss, we are always here to help you in your endeavors! Don’t hesitate to get in touch online with any questions or concerns.

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