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Why Shop Local?

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Mark your calendars! Small Business Saturday on November 30 is fast approaching. It’s the perfect excuse to burn off the turkey while stopping by your favorite local spots to support the hard-working families who help make your town uniquely yours. Better yet—if you’ve been putting off purchasing a new mattress, this is the day to get the personalized service and expertise (not to mention killer deal) you deserve at your local mattress shop.

Why you should shop local

If you are wondering why you should shop local, especially when it comes to buying a mattress, then listen up. By shopping local, you can ensure that you are getting the best bed at the best price while causing local families to do little happy jigs. Here’s why shopping local makes perfect sense:

Local mattress shops are more likely to care about you and your quality of sleep

When you shop local, you are receiving guidance from business owners who are deeply invested in their products and you. Most local mattress shops have a knack for helping people pick out the best mattress for their tastes. Why? Years of experience at one business advising customers on a day-to-day basis. No one knows their mattresses better than a local mattress shop owner—and more than anything, they want to help you sleep comfortably so that you keep coming back.

The local mattress shop is there for you if something goes wrong 

Mattress not inflating properly? Issues operating an adjustable base? No sweat! By shopping local, you can save yourself time and trouble when things don’t go according to plan. On the rare occasion that a product doesn’t deliver as promised, you can simply visit the local mattress shop for the best customer service to remedy the situation. A small business will do all that they can to make you feel understood and tended to so that you keep coming back and trust them with your family and friends.

By shopping local, you are supporting a family and the community at large

Why funnel your money into the pockets of big corporations when you can support a local family like yours? When you shop local, you are supporting your neighbors, and in turn, your neighbors are giving back to your community. Think about it—who sponsors in-town festivals and local sports teams? Your local businesses.

Remember: small businesses make your town uniquely yours and contribute to the sense of community you feel. Think of your favorite local restaurant or trinket shop that doesn’t exist anywhere else. It’s yours. Keep it that way by helping them stay in business.

How you can support local businesses without spending a cent

Tip #1: Refer your friends and family 

Nothing is more powerful for a local business than word-of-mouth recommendations. Like many small businesses, we depend on our happy customers to send their friends and family our way at The Bed Boss. And it’s the same for our mom and pop retailers. Encourage the people you know to shop local, especially for mattress buys. (Plus, you will be everyone’s new favorite person when they’re sleeping better thanks to you. Hint, hint.)

Tip #2: Promote your favorite local businesses on social media

Most local businesses depend on social media to drive business and to be discovered by new customers. Want to lend a helping hand? Take a few pictures the next time you are at the shop and post them to Instagram or Facebook. Mention what you love about that particular small business and tag them in the post. We guarantee that the shop owner will see your post and feel immense gratitude, if not reply with a heartfelt thank you.

Tip #3: Leave a review

Reviews exist at the heart of supporting small businesses. When you leave a review, you are leaving a permanent impression that will urge others to check out the business. Google, Facebook, and Yelp are the best places to go leave a review. A lot of customers only leave feedback when they have bad experiences, so be sure to let folks out there know that your experience was excellent.

Why The Bed Boss supports local businesses

As a small, family-owned business, we are big supporters of the local guys at The Bed Boss.

Our husband and wife co-founders started out of a small mattress shop in Crossville, Tennessee over a decade ago, and supporting small businesses has been at the heart of our mission ever since. It’s not easy running a small business, and we’ve made our mission not about making big profit margins, but about making sure our retailers have what they need to make a living—top-quality mattresses that any one of their local customers can afford.

The Bed Boss exists to support the families of those who sell our mattresses. It’s a beautiful thing when you’ve worked tirelessly to create a business and it supports not only your family, but a great number of families. We have a network of over 1,000 mom and pop shops nationwide through which you can purchase Bed Boss mattresses. Want to support your local mattress shop and get a fantastic bed to boot? Get in touch with us online to find out your nearest retailer.

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