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Why Do Mattresses Sag in the Middle?

Updated: Feb 10

Rolling into the middle of your mattress every night? This may be the reason why.

If your mattress is sagging badly enough, it may feel like you are sleeping in an inescapable crater every night. Your sleep will be disruptive and you will likely be waking up with aches and pains. For your own sake (and sanity), it is important to understand why your mattress is sagging and to remedy it as soon as possible.

I Got Swindled!

Does your new mattress feel substantially different than the floor model? Is it sinking in after only a few weeks? The mattress store must have sold you a lemon!

Wait just a minute—before you get upset, consider the foundation that your mattress rests on. Did the mattress store throw in a box spring for free or dirt cheap? If so, the foundation may be your problem. Cheap box springs are all too common in the retail mattress industry. The bad news is that they can actually cause irreversible damage to your mattress.

Take note: the foundation that you put your mattress on is just as important as the mattress itself. Put a $10,000 mattress on a $60 box spring and that luxury mattress will be feeling like a flea market special in no time at all.

Choosing the Right Foundation

By placing a solid foundation under your mattress, you can usually eliminate any current sagging in your mattress. It will also help prevent future sagging. 

At The Bed Boss, we recommend that you choose either a sturdy solid platform foundation OR a slatted foundation with thick slats (2” to 3” wide) closely placed side by side (no more than 4” to 5” apart) along the entire length of the bed. Both options will give you the best support for your mattress and increase the longevity of your mattress. Make sure that your foundation also has a set of stout center supports, especially for the Queen, King, and California King sizes.

The number one reason for a sagging mattress is the foundation itself. If you feel like you are struggling to dig yourself out of a hole in your mattress every night, take a serious look at your bed frame to see what you can improve. Use the tips in this guide or contact us online to find the right foundation for your mattress!

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