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Why a Mattress Is the Ultimate Gift (And How to Gift It!)

Updated: Feb 10

Isn’t it about time you started winning at gift giving? If you have been skimping on your gift game recently, it may be time to step up and take your place as gift giver number one.

As for the gift that will make you an instant favorite, that answer is easy: a Bed Boss mattress. It is a large purchase that many folks have trouble justifying for themselves, but very few can top it as a gift.

Having a Bed Boss mattress delivered to the front door of your loved one’s home will make it feel like Christmas any day.

Here are a few reasons why a new mattress is the ultimate gift:

  • It is exciting to see a big, mysterious package waiting for you at your doorstep. The bigger the package, the better, and this is one big package.

  • A compressed mattress is the most fun to open. It pops up into its full size in a matter of seconds. Fascinating.

  • Your loved one will experience instant joy the first time they lie down on it because it’s oh so comfortable. 

  • They’ll use it every day. Best practical gift ever.

  • It will make your loved one a happier, healthier person (even if they are a bit of a grump)! A quality mattress will improve their sleep health, minimize their aches and pains, and ease the effects of aging.

Whether you are shopping for mattresses in Chattanooga, Tennessee, at local mom-and-pop shops in your area, or online, The Bed Boss has a mattress that will make the perfect gift. As the designers and manufacturers of our own line-up, we’ve made sure there is a mattress for every body type and sleep position. 

Ready to step into your big gift giver shoes? You can go about gifting a mattress in two ways:

  1. Pick out the mattress in advance and ship it directly to them. Maybe your loved one has been researching mattresses and knows exactly what they want—they only can’t justify the purchase for themselves yet. Or, maybe you are familiar with their personal preferences and feel confident picking out a mattress for them. Medium-firm options like our Heir ET Plus memory foam and Rejuvenate hybrid mattresses are big-time favorites among our customers. Should we also mention that shipping is always free at thebedboss.com?

  2. Let them pick out the mattress in store. Surprise your loved one with a trip to The Bed Boss Chattanooga or your local Bed Boss retailer for a shopping experience that isn’t pushy. Boost that element of surprise by not telling them where you are taking them. Going to the mattress store is an especially good option if you are buying for your wifey or hubby and want to pick it out together. (Just remember that they get the final say because it is their gift after all, aight?)

A new mattress is the ultimate gift. It is like giving someone their own little piece of heaven. And as the giver of the gift, it is a purchase you can feel really good about. Not sure about which mattress to give to your loved one? Contact us online and we will help you pick out the one that will crown you the best gift giver.


Looking for gifts to pair with that new Bed Boss mattress? Check out our gift guide with the top three mattress-inspired gifts for sleep lovers.

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