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What Mattress is Good for a Bad Back?

Updated: Feb 10

Do you suffer from chronic back pain? Debilitating, isn’t it? The bad news is that you will only continue to suffer if your mattress is causing you to wake up in discomfort throughout the night. The good news is that you can find a mattress that promotes your recovery by contouring to your back and spine and encouraging your muscles to relax for uninterrupted, quality sleep.

What Types of Mattresses Should I Consider

Due to recent advances in mattress technology, comfort has come a long way since the creaky old innerspring days of the past. Three popular mattress types today for back pain include memory foam, hybrid, and latex.

A memory foam mattress provides excellent support for bad backs. It responds to and conforms to your every curve for unmatched pressure relief. If you usually wake up sore, check out our memory foam Crown mattress. It provides medium-soft support and gently hugs you to align your spine.

Hybrid mattresses bridge the gap between mattress technologies with memory foam top layers and pocketed coil base layers. The result? High-level comfort, support, and pressure relief all rolled into one. A hybrid bed is a great option if you like to move around at night—it won’t hold you in place like memory foam. Seeking firm support? Our Heavenly Hybrid mattress is an ideal medium-firm hybrid option for back and side sleepers alike. 

Latex foam is a level up from memory foam. The upgrade includes a highly responsive sleeping surface that minimally retains heat and provides targeted support for reducing back pain. If you want the luxury of latex, take a look at our medium-soft Prestige hybrid latex mattress for the best that money can buy.


Can't decide between the different mattress styles? Go here for useful tips.

Firm or Soft

A question we often get asked is, "If I suffer from back pain, should I pick a firm or soft mattress?" The common advice is to treat your chronic back pain with a very firm mattress, but you should probably ignore it. That advice is seriously outdated! Most physicians nowadays recommend a mattress somewhere in the middle on the firmness scale. A bed that is too firm or too soft will not optimally support your back.


The best advice that we can give to you is: pick a mattress firmness level that feels comfortable to YOU.

You Get What You Pay For

The old adage “you get what you pay for” has never been truer than when it comes to buying a mattress. Independent studies have concluded that on average a higher quality mattress will almost always provide a better sleep experience. But don’t overspend!

Various components go into the production of a high-quality mattress and that technology typically comes at a higher price point. Cheaper mattresses are built with lower quality foams, thinner foam layers, and less robust pocketed coils. You may save a few bucks now, but a cheap mattress won’t help fix your chronic back pain! Don't break the bank to get a good night’s rest, but don't be a scrooge either. 

The first step on your journey to recovery is selecting a high-quality mattress that feels good and encourages proper back and spinal alignment. Need help? Contact us online with any questions.

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