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What Kind of Support Does My Memory Foam Mattress Need?

Updated: Feb 10

Mattress technology is changing fast with the growing popularity of memory foam. Long gone are the days of box springs and wooden frames. Now we have slat beds, platforms, and even frames that move. Of the available options, what is the best fit for an all-foam mattress?

Here are our direct-from-the-manufacturer recommendations to ensure that your memory foam mattress feels great years down the road:

How Many Slats Is Enough?

Is your mattress on a cheap, traditional box spring? If so, we urge you to replace the foundation as quickly as possible to avoid irreversible damage.

All-foam mattresses need a lot of support. If your box spring has wide gaps, the foam will sag between the gaps over the years and slash the life of your mattress to a fraction of its potential. For an improved support system, replace the box spring with one that has slats closely placed together (no more than 3” apart) across its entire surface, or ditch the box spring altogether for a sturdier frame.

Liking the style of your traditional bed frame, but don’t have a proper box spring to place your memory foam mattress on? Don’t sweat! The Bed Boss has got you covered. The Everlast Folding Foundation is a great lightweight, low-cost alternative to a traditional box spring. It’s built with high-quality steel and provides unparalleled support for your all-foam mattresses. We call it the “Everlast” because it’s the last box spring you’ll ever need to buy.

The Bed Boss Reliable Folding Frame is our all-in-one box spring and frame that can either replace your current setup or fit within a pre-existing bed frame. It features 13 perfectly spaced wooden slats to prevent memory foam mattresses from dipping and sagging with time.

What About Adjustables?

Adjustable foundations are growing as popular as ever with greater accessibility thanks to better pricing and availability. Adjustables and memory foam make a great combination, and adjustables even offer some of the best support available. Why? Because most adjustable beds have solid wood or metal mesh surfaces that provide support across the entire surface of the mattress.

While an adjustable bed frame is typically the best foundation for an all-foam bed, be sure to ask your manufacturer if your foam bed is compatible with it. As a mattress manufacturer, we can think of a few reasons why it's important to ask:

  • Some pillow top mattresses don’t fare well on adjustable frames. The pillow top can risk eventually separating from the core of the mattress and bunching up or shifting.

  • The thickness of your mattress can determine how well it will work on an adjustable frame. Any mattress over 12 to 13 inches thick will resist bending, and if it’s forced to bend when it doesn’t want to, that can ruin the foam.

Have questions about which Bed Boss mattresses are compatible with adjustables? Contact us online.

As for adjustable frame recommendations, our bestseller is The Bed Boss Maximize 604 adjustable bed frame. It supports your mattress while also lifting the head and foot of the bed to relieve tension and pressure from your legs, shoulders, and back. The massage feature makes it even better by improving blood flow throughout your body. Still wondering if an adjustable bed is worth the money? Read about the benefits here to decide for yourself.

Whether you need to throw out your old box or intend to purchase a new memory foam mattress, let us help. At The Bed Boss, we focus on providing top-quality mattresses and frames at affordable prices. Contact us online to discover the ideal, solid foundation for your mattress that will last a lifetime—and then some.