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What Is the Best Pillow That Stays Cool?

Updated: Feb 10

Don’t wake up drenched in sweat! A gel-infused pillow can cool your head, neck, and shoulders for comfortable sleep. 

Waking up at night to wipe the sweat off your brow? When heat collects around your head, neck, and shoulders, it can disturb your sleep. And there is little worse than the feeling of overheating. 

Common reasons for sleeping hot:

  • Menopause

  • Feeling hot all the time

  • No air conditioning

  • Warm room temperature

  • Medical condition

  • Medication

To sleep more cooly at night, try a pillow specifically designed to keep your cranium cool and comfortable. Traditional pillows often trap heat, whereas cooling pillows draw heat away from the body to prevent it from sticking.

Whether you are here to find a new pillow to pair with your cooling mattress or it is the first step you are taking toward cooler sleep, we have got options for you from our pillow collection at The Bed Boss.

Best cooling gel pillow:

Inspire Pillow

The Inspire is our pick for a top-of-the-line cooling pillow with a luxurious look and feel. It features a trifecta of cooling that is simply remarkable. The moisture-wicking cover feels cool to the touch. The responsive gel-infused memory foam core softly contours to the head, neck, and shoulders. And the gel core insert instantly draws heat away from the head. You just can’t beat all of that cooling goodness.

Benefits: Inspire’s cradling softness encourages proper spinal alignment to relieve neck pain, while the gel core insert and gel-infused memory foam dissipate heat to promote cooling. No need to “fluff” this solid foam core pillow. 

The Inspire pillow is a good fit for side and back sleepers.

Inspire pillow special features:

  • Cool-touch cover

  • Gel core insert

  • Breathable, gel-infused memory foam

  • Medium-soft feel

  • Holds shape

Type: Solid core memory foam

Sizes: Standard & King

Best customizable cooling pillow:

Melody Ice Pillow

Want sweat-free nights and refreshing mornings? The Melody Ice features custom-cut memory foam “ice cubes” to help keep you cool. With a super breathable design and gel-infused memory foam, this pillow offers unbeatable airflow and heat-dissipating powers to prevent heat from getting trapped. As a bonus, the Melody Ice is 100% customizable by adding or removing the shredded foam.

Benefits: Too thick? Too thin? No problem. Customize the Melody Ice to your preferred loft. This pillow is cooling, breathable, and compressible. It makes a great travel buddy, too.

The Melody Ice is a great choice for all sleep positions because it is customizable. Side sleepers, keep the pillow full of foam. Stomach sleepers, remove the foam to make the pillow thin. Back sleepers, adjust the fill so that your head stays in neutral alignment (neither tips back nor forward).

Melody Ice pillow special features:

  • Cool-touch cover

  • Gel foam pouch

  • Gel-infused memory foam “ice cubes”

  • Customizable loft & firmness

  • Fluffy feel

Type: Shredded memory foam

Size: Standard

A memory foam pillow may involve more cost upfront, but the longevity and comfort make it all the worthwhile . For questions about our pillow collection, contact our friendly customer support online. Keep in mind that while a pillow cannot cure the reason you sleep hot, it sure feels nice with cool-touch fabric and gel-infused materials.

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