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What Is the Best Mattress to Keep You Cool?

Updated: Feb 10

Wondering how to stay cool at night? A mattress built with cooling materials could be your ticket to sleeping cooly and comfortably.

Do you have trouble staying cool at night? Have you wondered, “Is it just me?” Hold that thought. Don’t give up and accept sweaty nights as your fate just yet! If you have tried everything under the moon to stay cool at night, it could be time to swap your heat-sticking mattress for a cooling one. And guess what? You don’t have to break the bank to get it.

A mattress with premium cooling foams and fabrics can be a sleep (and sweat) saver. At The Bed Boss, we build mattresses to meet the needs of hot sleepers. Our mattresses are temperature responsive, comfortable, and supportive. For the sake of brevity, we narrowed the selection in this article to the top three favorite cooling mattresses from our collection.

A top-quality cooling mattress starts with premium cooling materials. We’ve got those—and a twenty-year warranty as the icing on the cake. Here are some examples of materials in a cooling mattress by The Bed Boss:

  • Gel-infused memory foam

  • Air-flow memory foam

  • Cool-touch cover

  • Tencel™ cover

  • Individually pocketed coils

#1 pick for a cooling mattress:

Revolution Hybrid

The Revolution Hybrid is easily our top pick for a cooling mattress. With a state-of-the-art hybrid design, the Revolution radiates coolness. Literally. We infused the Revolution with 15” of luxurious cooling technologies from the core to the surface of the mattress, including a cool-to-the-touch cover, four layers of gel-infused and air-flow foams, and individually pocketed coils.

Benefits: Enjoy the hugging sensation of memory foam without worrying about heat retention or sinking in too deep. Gel-infused foams absorb heat, while individually pocketed coils offer support and improve air circulation. Consider the Revolution Hybrid a soft slice of heavenly sleep.

The Revolution Hybrid is a great choice for hot side sleepers who need a mattress that gently gives beneath their hips and shoulders.

Revolution Hybrid details:

  • Hybrid mattress

  • Soft comfort level

  • Cool-to-the-touch cover 

  • Ultra plush & contour conforming

  • Perfect for side sleepers

Cooling mattress for aches and pains:

Heir ET Plus

The Heir ET Plus is our pick for a medium-firm cooling mattress with extra pressure-relieving powers. The Heir ET Plus delivers “hugging” comfort designed to alleviate sore hips and shoulders while staying cool.

Benefits: The temperature-responsive Tencel™ cover features moisture-wicking fibers to help to keep you cool and dry. Even better, the cover gets cool to the touch if you get hot. Medium-firm, gel-infused foams contour to your body’s curves to prevent stiffness while dissipating heat.

The Heir ET Plus has a perfect firmness rating for hot sleepers of any sleeping position.

Heir ET Plus details:

  • All foam mattress

  • Medium-firm comfort level

  • Tencel™ cover

  • Pressure relieving

  • For all sleep positions

Cooling mattress with extra support:

Heavenly Hybrid

The Heavenly Hybrid delivers a firm, supportive feel for hot sleepers—especially for those on a tight budget. With a cool gel-infused foam surface and springy pocketed coil support, Heavenly Hybrid actively cools and keeps the air flowing. 

Benefits: Unbeatable air circulation due to 10.75” individually pocketed coil design. Plus, a touch of pressure point relief with 2.25” of gel-infused memory foams. Heavenly’s breathability prevents overheating to help you sleep sweat free.

The Heavenly Hybrid is ideal for back sleepers who need extra support.

Heavenly Hybrid details:

  • Hybrid mattress

  • Firm comfort level

  • Individually pocketed coils

  • Won’t sink in

  • Ideal for back sleepers

For assistance picking out a cooling mattress based on your own unique preferences, contact The Bed Boss customer support online.

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