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Top 3 Mattress Inspired Gifts for Sleep Lovers

Updated: Feb 10

Feeling clueless about what to get your family and friends for Christmas? Don’t sweat it. Picking out the right gift is easier than you think. Why? Because they probably all love to sleep. With Christmas around the corner, here are our top three gifts that will help you level up your family and friends’ sleep game.

Gift Idea #1: Crown Pillow

Who do you know that’s usually complaining about a creak in their neck? Or, can’t seem to find the right pillow? Or, could really use a quality pillow? Now is your chance to instantly become anyone’s favorite by gifting them a Crown pillow.


Our best-selling, chiropractor-recommended Crown pillow is the fail-safe gift that’s popular with everyone. It’s soft. It’s supportive. And it’s built to erase neck pain. Plus, with high-density memory foam, the Crown pillow is guaranteed to last years. People rarely buy themselves a new pillow, so why not be the one to improve your family and friends’ sleep with a supremely comfortable Crown pillow?

Gift Idea #2: Fresh Linens

Are you a practical gift giver? Sheets are a very practical gift—kind of like socks and coffee mugs, but way better because they can help you feel cozy at night. Sadly, a lot of folks rarely buy new sheets for themselves except when they upgrade their mattress. They’ve forgotten that fresh linens are heavenly, and this is your opportunity to remind them.

If you are looking for comfortable and affordable sheets, look no further than our Soft and Comfy Mattress Sheets. They’ll get the job done, and they won’t get fuzzy over time. Plus, with Hold-Tight corner straps, they won’t be snapping over the edge of the bed in the middle of the night. As a practical gift giver, Soft and Comfy Mattress Sheets are your opportunity to step in and gift family and friends the one thing they forgot they needed. (Gift sheets to the college kids in your life for bonus points.)

Gift Idea #3: Weighted Blanket

Is a weighted blanket a good gift? Oh yes, and it’s a very popular gift this year, too. Weighted blankets are gaining popularity for their ability to help you relax, especially if you are anxious or struggle to fall asleep. A weighted blanket works through pressure touch across the body and triggers the release of oxytocin to reduce blood pressure and slow down the heart. The result? Calm and restful sleep all night long.

Hot tip: When picking out a weighted blanket for family and friends, choose one that is roughly 10% of the intended recipient’s weight plus an extra pound.


Shop our gift guide for happy family and friends all around! Help them level up their sleep game for better rest and relaxation. Have any questions? Feel free to contact us online.

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