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The Best Sleep Position During Pregnancy

Updated: Feb 10

How to sleep comfortably while carrying a baby.

Feeling exhausted in the mornings during your pregnancy? While it is normal to feel wearier than usual, there is one essential step you can take to make the most of your precious sleep: adapting your sleep position to your changing body.

How Should I Sleep While Pregnant?

Sleep on Your Side

Once you reach the midway point of your pregnancy, the best way to sleep is on your side. Why? Side sleeping helps circulate blood to the placenta while relieving pressure from important organs like your kidneys and liver. Some doctors even emphasize specifically sleeping on your left side to maximize blood flow through the vena cava, a major blood vessel located to the right of your spine.

How to Comfortably Sleep on Your Side

To get nice and cosy on your side, put a pillow between your knees and another underneath your hips to relieve pressure. One popular way to further supplement this position is with a full body pillow at the back or front of your torso.

Our shredded memory foam pillows, the Select and Melody Ice, are perfect choices for between your knees and beneath your hips. Easily adjust the loft of these pillows and scrunch them up to snugly fit them in those unconventional spaces. We make both the Select and Melody Ice with gel-infused foams for cooler sleep. Better yet, the Melody Ice features the ultimate in cooling technology: a cool-touch tencel cover.

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Want to make the switch to your side easier on your body? Change your pillow to one that properly supports your head for optimal neck and spinal alignment. We suggest our medium-firm Crown pillow with a unique shoulder notch. It prevents neck strain and makes the transition to sleeping on your side incredibly comfortable.

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Can I Sleep on My Back While Pregnant? Or My Stomach?

If you are a lifelong back or stomach sleeper, consider familiarizing yourself with side sleeping earlier in your pregnancy rather than later. Why? You may be used to sleeping on your back or stomach in a particular way that is comfortable and familiar, but your growing baby bump is eventually going to make it tough to catch a quality snooze!

Avoid Sleeping on Your Back

  • When to stop back sleeping: At least midway through your pregnancy (20 weeks)

  • Why stop? The pressure of your expanding uterus on your organs and major blood vessels will become nearly impossible to bear. Side effects of back sleeping in the second half of your pregnancy include disrupting the flow of blood to your baby and making you feel lightheaded and short of breath.

  • What if I wake up on my back? Don’t fret if you find yourself tummy up! Your body will instinctively seek a more comfortable position when pressure builds on your organs and blood vessels. The result will be more tossing, turning, and waking up throughout the night to relieve pressure. And all that you will suffer from is a lack of precious sleep.

Stomach Sleeping Will Become Increasingly Uncomfortable

  • When to stop stomach sleeping: Around the fifth month of your pregnancy

  • Why stop? While sleeping on your stomach won’t squish your baby, it won’t help you sleep any better either. As your pregnancy progresses, stomach sleeping will feel like laying on top of an enormous melon every night.

To sum it up, the best sleep position during pregnancy is your side for optimal blood flow. Aid your body with pillow props to find your happy place. And most of all, remember to listen to your body and your doctors! If you are struggling to sleep, don’t hesitate to get help from healthcare professionals.

Keep in mind, we are here for you too. If you have questions about our mattress or pillow lineup, and how you can find  ideal pressure relief during your pregnancy with our products, feel free to contact us online. 

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