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Squeaky Bed? Try These 3 Simple Solutions

Updated: Feb 10

Does your bed squeak and groan with every little movement? If so, it might just drive you crazy. Being constantly disrupted throughout the night while you are trying to sleep can cause severe crankiness the next day—but you don’t have to live with the noise! The time has come to find the source of the squeaks and fix it.

Try these quick and easy fixes on your squeaky bed so that you can finally get a good night’s sleep:

Got a Couple of Loose Screws?

If you assembled your bed with screws and bolts, those squeaks might be coming from loose joints. Time to break out your toolkit and get to work! Tighten every fastener you come across, even if the squeak isn’t coming from that area. By taking proactive action, you can prevent creaks and squeals from making a racket in the future.

Is the same screw or bolt coming loose again and again? Try placing a thread-locking compound on the threads before screwing it back together. The extra buffer should prevent the screw or bolt from backing out on you again.

A Little Bit of Grease Goes a Long Way

Have you tightened all of the loose joints, but your bed is still making that awful squeaking? A little bit of oil or grease in the right spot can make a big difference.

For metal on metal junctions, you may want to use a heavier type of grease that won’t damage the finish on your bed frame. For wood joints, a lighter oil may be best. Make sure to check with the manufacturer and read product labels completely before applying any oil or grease product to your furniture—and definitely ensure that the product is safe for human contact.

Cut Out No-Squeak Pads in a Pinch

So, what do you do if you have a squeaking problem that can’t be remedied by tightening bolts or greasing joints?

Scraps of rubber, felt, and even cardboard can be your ticket to squeak-free sleep in a pinch. Once you have diagnosed the problem and pinpointed the source, cut out a small pad of whatever anti-abrasive material you have on hand. Next, wedge it into the problem joint—and give yourself a pat on the back. That quick fix might be all it takes to permanently fix your squeaky bed frame.

Keep in mind that depending on the type of anti-abrasive material you chose for your no-squeak pads, you may need to replace or rearrange them over time. Plan on eventually replacing quick-fix cutout materials like cardboard or paper. But rest assured that until then you will not have to deal with creaks and groans every time you shift your weight around in bed.

Have we convinced you that you don’t have to deal with a squeaky bed? Following the tips in this guide should eliminate any noise coming from your bed frame. If you are still experiencing problems, it may be time to throw that old frame out and contact us online. We’ll get you set up with a new heavy duty and squeak-free frame in no time at all.

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