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Pillow Buying Guide: Solid Core vs Shredded Memory Foam

Updated: Feb 10

If you find yourself consistently waking up with a flat pillow and neck aches, then you may want to switch to a memory foam pillow. With the unique ability to conform to your head and neck, memory foam relieves pressure from your spine—all without going flat like a pancake. It’s like the little piece of sleep heaven you’ve always deserved.

At The Bed Boss, we have two distinct styles of memory foam pillows to choose from: solid core and shredded. Here’s a brief guide on the difference between the two:

Solid Core Memory Foam Pillows

What is it? We specially carve solid core (aka molded or one-piece) pillows from dense blocks of memory foam. Material-wise, all Bed Boss solid core models feature cooling, breathable foams like gel-infused memory foam or bamboo charcoal memory foam.

Is it for you? If you prefer a pillow that holds its shape all night long, a solid core pillow would be an ideal match for you. Solid core pillows create a consistent, supportive feel across the entire surface of the pillow and deliver the sought-after cradling effects of memory foam.

Solid Core Memory Foam Features

  • Unmatched support

  • Won’t lose its shape overnight

  • Softly contours to the head and neck

  • Optimal for side and back sleepers

  • Cooling components to prevent heat build-up

  • Spot clean only

Solid Core Memory Foam Pillows by Bed Boss

  • The Crown is our bestselling, medium-firm bamboo charcoal memory foam pillow. It features two sides: a unique shoulder notch for side sleepers and a soft slope for back sleepers. Great for neck pain.

  • The Inspire is our cool-to-the-touch, gel-infused memory foam pillow. It’s oh so soft with highly responsive foam.

  • The Rejuvenate is our ultra-breathable, firm gel-infused memory foam pillow. Great for those who prefer extra support.

Shredded Memory Foam Pillows

What is it? To create shredded memory foam pillows, we fill luxurious zippered covers (usually super soft velour or cool-touch tencel) with shredded foam. Material-wise, Bed Boss shredded memory foam models feature gel-infused foams alone or in combination with natural latex.

Is it for you? If you have specific tastes and would like to customize your pillow, a shredded memory foam pillow is perfect. Because each piece of foam compresses independently, shredded foam gives you the ability to scrunch, squash, and smoosh the pillow. It’s fun. You can also remove or add foam to adjust the firmness and loft.

Shredded Memory Foam Features

  • Customizable loft and support

  • Takes whatever shape you desire

  • Lasting durability (i.e., re-fluff as needed)

  • Maximum airflow and breathability

  • Adjustable to all sleep positions (especially great for back and stomach sleepers)

  • Perfect “in-between” style for people new to memory foam

  • Washable

Shredded Memory Foam Pillows by Bed Boss

  • The Select is our soft, gel-infused shredded memory foam pillow. It’s built to last with latex and comes with a fun travel-size pouch for when you’re on the go.

  • The Melody Ice is our medium-firm, ultra cooling shredded memory foam pillow. Perfect for those who like to stay chill.

If you keep putting off a pillow purchase because you've come to believe flat pillows are a fact of life, it’s time to remind yourself how great sleep can be! Whether you pick a solid core or shredded memory foam pillow, you’ll soon understand why some people carry their Bed Boss pillows with them everywhere they go. Contact us online with any questions about our pillow collection.

What fans are saying about Bed Boss pillows

  • "We love our Bed Boss pillows… It is the only pillow [brand] we will use and if you are a side or back sleeper, I HIGHLY suggest you try the Crown pillow! It may change your life!!" —Ashley F., Facebook Reviewer & Verified Buyer

  • "I have used the Bed Boss Crown pillow for the last 10 years. I take it with me on trips… If I don’t sleep with it, it’s a guaranteed headache the next morning. Thank you Bed Boss for helping improve quality of life for chronic pain warriors." —Ashlie H., Facebook Reviewer & Verified Buyer

  • "Very comfortable pillows. Been using the same one for 7 years. Gotten all my extra pillows from them." —Ryan M., Facebook Reviewer & Verified Buyer

  • "The mattress feels amazing and the pillows only add to the divine experience." —Jamar M., Facebook Reviewer & Verified Buyer

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