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One Mattress to Rule Them All? Not Likely! Here's Why Different Bodies Need Different Beds

Updated: Feb 10

Wouldn’t it be magical if you could simply hop online, order that advertised “one-fits-all” mattress, and start sleeping comfortably by next week? It would be! But only if that mattress happened to be the right fit for your body type.

We don’t mean to burst any bubbles, but the one-fits-all mattress does not exist. It’s the unicorn of mattress-land. Why? Because human beings are not identical. We vary in weights and heights, and one-fits-all solutions couldn’t possibly work for everyone.

Picking out the right mattress for yourself requires multiple considerations, and we’ve narrowed it down to the MOST IMPORTANT based on 10+ years of customer feedback and experience in the mattress industry. Find your body weight below, then read about the best mattress options for your sleep position and body temperature. Remember, everybody is different and firmness is subjective.

Share a bed with a partner? Work together to find a compromise using our guidelines. Multiple mattresses in the Bed Boss lineup benefit various body types and sleep positions. The same goes for sleepers who switch between a combination of sleep positions.

Average / between 130lbs to 230lbs

So, you’re an average-sized sleeper. What does that mean? It means that you aren’t especially big or tiny, but somewhere in between. Medium-firm mattresses will generally be your best bet. Feel free to indulge in memory foam and hybrid mattresses alike.

  • Side sleeper: If you are primarily a side sleeper, you should gravitate more toward the medium-soft range, or 4 to 6 on our firmness scale. Ideally, a mattress feels comfortably cushy on your hips and shoulders without sucking you too far in. Recommendations: Crown (4), Melody (4.5), Prestige (5), and Reflection (5)

  • Back or stomach sleeper: If you mostly sleep on your back, keep it medium-firm, or a 5 to 7 on our firmness scale. Find a mattress that doesn’t push back against your spine, but rather gently aligns your head, neck, and backbone. Recommendations: Rejuvenate (5.5), Heir ET Plus (6), and Heavenly Hybrid (7)

  • Sleep hot? Waking up hot and sweaty in the middle of the night can be miserable. To keep as cool as possible, choose a mattress infused with gel memory foam in the top layer, or a hybrid mattress with individually pocketed coils. Gel-infused foam actively dissipates heat, while pocketed coils resist trapping heat and allow for greater airflow within the mattress. Recommendations: Melody (4.5), Prestige (5), Rejuvenate (5.5), and Heir ET Plus (6)

Heavyset and big-boned / over 230lbs

We are glad you are here. You may be thinking that your mattress choices are limited, but that is not the case. Once a mattress has passed a few, important quality checks, it is in the running to be your next long-lasting, comfy bed. High-density foam is your golden ticket. Why? Because it prevents permanent body impressions. Other elements that will increase the longevity of your mattress include individually pocketed coils for optimal support and latex layers for greater elasticity over time.

  • Side sleeper: The firmer and thicker the mattress, the better for heavy side sleepers. Avoid making a mattress pick that is too soft or thin. High-density foam and/or pocketed coils will ensure a mattress doesn’t slowly turn into quicksand on you. Keep your selection in the medium-firm range, or 5 to 6 on our firmness scale. Feel free to go softer with our Prestige mattress, which features latex and hand-tufting for excellent longevity. Recommendations: Prestige (4), Reflection (5), and Rejuvenate (5.5)

  • Back or stomach sleeper: The higher your body mass index (BMI), the firmer your mattress should be, especially when it comes to back sleeping. Ensure that your mattress provides support rather than gives beneath you. Go medium-firm to all-out firm, or 5 to 8.5 on our firmness scale. Keep in mind that individually pocketed coils will add strength and support to your mattress while providing targeted relief for your pressure points. Recommendations: Rejuvenate (5.5), Heavenly Hybrid (7), and Endurance (8.5)

  • Sleep hot? Heavy sleepers can be especially prone to getting uncomfortably warm at night. Avoid thick, soft mattresses that suck you in, and look for a mattress built to maximize airflow and prevent heat from building up. Recommendations: Reflection (5), Rejuvenate (5.5), and Heavenly Hybrid (7)

Petite and lightweight / under 130lbs

As a petite sleeper with a lightweight frame, you can sleep comfortably on a wide variety of mattress styles varying in firmness levels and construction. Make a mental note to avoid very firm options because you will not sink into them enough to reap the benefits.

  • Side-sleeper: Your pressure points are more sensitive to hard surfaces. Prevent the “pins and needles” sensation in your hips and shoulders by picking a soft mattress, or 2.5 to 4.5 on our firmness scale. Recommendations: Revolution Hybrid (3.5), Crown (4), and Melody (4.5)

  • Back or stomach sleeper: Avoid choosing a very firm mattress, even as a back sleeper. A soft mattress can deliver much needed back support to a petite sleeper without uncomfortably pressing up against your spine. Keep your selection in the soft to medium-firm range, or 4 to 7 on our firmness scale. Recommendations: Melody (4.5), Reflection (5), Heir ET Plus (6), and Heavenly Hybrid (7)

  • Sleep hot? If you experience hot flashes at night, seek out temperature-sensitive mattresses built with cooling fabrics and foams. Covers like cotton, wool, bamboo, and Tencel® will enhance the breathability of your mattress, preventing heat buildup between you and the surface. We recommend our plush Revolution Hybrid mattress to petite sleepers, especially those who sleep on their sides. Recommendations: Revolution Hybrid (3.5), Melody (4.5), and Prestige (5)

To speak with a friendly Bed Boss sleep consultant and receive personalized recommendations, contact us online.

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