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New Year, New Mattress: When Is the Best Time to Buy a Mattress in 2020?

Updated: Feb 10

Looking for a good deal on your next mattress? You are at the right place. Consider planning ahead with these tips on the best times of the year to buy a mattress—direct from your mattress manufacturer, The Bed Boss.

Best Times to Buy a Mattress

  • Early in the Year

  • Long Holiday Weekends

  • Year Round

Early in the Year

When: Take the opportunity to snag old (but still very new) closeout mattress models during January through April 

Out with the old, in with the new. Why? Because we like to keep our line-up innovative and fresh at The Bed Boss. Many of our retailers focus on making way for our new products in the first part of the year. While discounts may not be formally announced online, make a quick phone call or visit to your local store to find out what oldies (but goodies) are priced to sell.

Hot tip: as the new mattresses come in, retailers may be eager to sell beds directly off the showroom floor to clear space. Don’t hesitate to ask for 50% off (or more) on these models. Just bring a truck.

Need we remind you that the beginning of the year is also tax season? (Hooray??) While spending your extra dollars on a new television or shoes might seem gratifying, a great night’s sleep on a new mattress is priceless. Many mattress stores will run sales to help customers maximize their 2020 tax returns, so keep an eye out during the early months.

New Product Highlight: Elite

Elite is one of our new models available in 2020. After receiving countless requests for money savings on cooling memory foam mattresses in the soft range of the firmness scale, we have answered with something even better—Elite. Learn more about how Elite redefines comfortably affordable.

Long Holiday Weekends

When: Keep an eye out for extra savings on three-day holiday weekends in 2020 

  • President’s Day (Feb 18)

  • Memorial Day (May 25)

  • Independence Day (July 4)

  • Labor Day (Sept 7)

Big holidays come with big discounts. Why? Because couples and families usually get the opportunity to shop together, making it a great time to pick out and buy a mattress everyone can agree upon. Hot tip: Mattress stores will often run holiday-themed sales in the week or two leading up to the holiday, so remember that you can always shop when it is most convenient for you.

Year Round

When: Your mattress is just plain old (8+ years)

Can’t settle on a closeout model, or simply can’t wait until the next big holiday sale? Don’t fret! Saving a couple hundred dollars might be helpful now, but your priority should be picking out the right mattress for the long run.

Hot tip: Did you know that by asking the retailer for a discount, you are likely to receive one? And that’s true any time of the year. Yep. Bed Boss retailers are the best.

Here’s the thing: a Bed Boss mattress is a steal at any price. We (and our retailers) price our top-quality beds without high mark-ups related to advertising and brand name costs. Even if there is not much wiggle room in the price, don’t hesitate to ask about a free pillow or sheet set to sweeten the deal.

You may not be able to plan ahead for all big purchases, but you can plan ahead when purchasing a mattress. Apart from the best time to buy a mattress, other factors to consider include your body type and sleep position. Have lots of questions about how to pick out a mattress? You are not alone! Feel free to message us online to speak with a friendly representative.

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