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Is an Adjustable Bed Worth the Money?

Updated: Feb 10

Thinking about writing off an adjustable base purchase due to the cost? Asking yourself whether the adjustable “gimmick” is really worth hundreds of dollars more than a traditional bed frame? While it is normal to have questions about the value of an adjustable bed, let us set the record straight on two points: (1) adjustable bed bases do not have to be extraordinarily expensive, and (2) owners of adjustable beds almost always swear by them.

So, is an adjustable bed worth the money? Decide for yourself! Take a look below at the benefits an adjustable bed frame offers—benefits that you could be missing out on that really do make it “worth the money.”

It Provides Relief From Chronic Pain

If you suffer from chronic pain, did you know that your current bed could be exacerbating (or even causing) your persistent neck and back aches? Stress and tension on the joints may be difficult to manage on a flat mattress, but adjustable frames allow you to relieve that strain. By elevating your bed, you can ease into a position that diminishes pressure on your spine to minimize or erase chronic pain. 

Did you know that your mattress itself could also be to blame for your chronic pain? Find out here what mattress is good for a bad back.

It Improves Circulation and Reduces Swelling

Sleeping on a flat bed can not only aggravate chronic pain, but it can also strain your heart by creating pressure points that restrict the body’s free flow of blood. An adjustable bed eliminates the strain on your heart by enabling you to find a sleep position that mitigates pressure points and opens up blood pathways. The result? Improved circulation and overall better health.

Doctors often advise patients who suffer from swelling in their extremities to elevate their legs at night to reduce fluid buildup and pain. Angled pillows may do the trick for some folks, but pillows often end up on the floor or in a suboptimal position in the morning. With an adjustable frame, there's no risk of shifting out of position in the middle of the night.

It Helps Suppress Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Do you or your partner snore loud enough to rattle the window panes? Snoring can be a minor inconvenience at best—but, at worse, it can lead to serious health and relationship concerns. Snoring and sleep apnea usually result from gravity’s effects on your relaxed throat muscles while you are asleep, leading to blocked airways, labored breaths, and unavoidably cranky mornings. Slightly elevating your head with an adjustable base can lead to massive improvements in breathing and eliminate snoring entirely for some folks. Under these circumstances, you could call an adjustable the ultimate relationship saver. Click here to read about more snoring remedies you can try tonight.

If you or your partner suffer from chronic pain, poor circulation, or snoring, an adjustable base could be a life-changing purchase. And we are sure you already know that the promise of better nights and less painful morning are worth more than gold. Over a 10 year period the cost of an adjustable frame is very minor—less than $100 a year for most models. Ultimately, there is very little to lose and a lot to gain by taking the plunge and making the purchase.

The Maximize 604 is our most in-demand adjustable bed base at The Bed Boss, and it is pretty clear as to why! Our heavy duty base is at one of the best price points in the industry. Plus, with the added feature of dual massage, Maximize improves circulation more than standard head and food up adjustables. 

Still wondering if an adjustable bed is right for you? Contact us online with any questions about Bed Boss adjustable bases.    

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