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Is a Mattress in a Box a Good Idea?

Updated: Feb 10

Fun Fact: At the Bed Boss, we debuted our first compressed and rolled mattress lineup in 2008.

Did you know that the first compressed and rolled mattresses debuted around a decade ago? Compressed sleep products have since evolved from all-foam components with questionable comfort levels into the most comfortable beds available on the market today. And the best part? Options exist for every type of sleeper. High-density memory foam, individually pocketed coils, a luxurious pillow top—you can have all of those features and more in a Bed Boss mattress delivered directly to your doorstep.

What Is a Bed in a Box?

Compressed and rolled mattresses share many features with traditional mattresseswith a key distinction: a compressed mattress absolutely must have top-quality construction. Why? A bed in a box needs to fully inflate after being tightly compressed for several months. And that is no easy feat. To achieve this, we design our compressed mattresses with pocketed coil systems and high density memory foams. No cheap foams or old-style wire frames permitted here. We even have the ability to compress luxurious, plush pillow top mattresses like the Crown and Reflection with ease.

Did you know that the entire Bed Boss mattress lineup comes compressed and rolled? This means that you can have your next mattress delivered to your home at no cost (Hello, free shipping!) in an easy-to-transport bag.

Cons of Purchasing a Mattress in a Box

Does a bed in a box carry any trade offs? The answer depends on the buyer’s wants. “Try it before you buy it” isn’t always an option for online mattress purchases—and when it is, it may not be what it seems. Trial periods often correlate with hidden fees and more expensive (or cheaper quality) products. 

Rest assured—Bed Boss customers tend to feel confident purchasing a rolled mattress from thebedboss.com after reading reviews and contacting us to speak with a sleep consultant. While sales are final, it always remains our highest priority as a small business to ensure that our customers are sleeping comfortably. Read our reviews to learn more about us directly from our customers.

Why Buy a Bed in a Box?

So, is a mattress in a box a good idea? Well, it doesn’t get much easier than ordering a mattress online in your pajamas and sitting back until it shows up at your doorstep. The Bed Boss has been in the business since 2008 developing the highest quality, best buy sleep products available, and we are here to help you rest easily at an affordable price. Now is your chance to improve your quality of sleep by contacting us online to get mattress recommendations based on your sleep position.

What fans are saying about Bed Boss mattresses:

  • "They provided me with the best customer service I’ve ever had with a mattress company. I spoke with Kristen and she was immediately able to provide me with a recommendation based on my habit of being a stomach sleeper… I would recommend it to anyone and the prices are much better than that of well known mattress companies." —Jonathan M., Google Reviewer & Verified Buyer

  • “What a pleasure not to be hounded by pushy sales people while we were trying to make a decision about a mattress purchase... We got our mattress the next day, as promised, and we are satisfied customers. We would recommend Bed Boss to anyone who's in the market for a new mattress!” —Kim L., Google Reviewer & Verified Buyer

  • “I LOVE my hybrid mattress!! Great service as well. Thank you.” —Paul B., Google Reviewer & Verified Buyer

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