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How to Relieve 3 Common Pregnancy Pains at Night

Updated: Feb 10

Can’t remember the last time you clocked a good night of sleep while pregnant? Even if you have adapted your sleep position to sleeping on your side as recommended during your pregnancy, you may still be waking up in discomfort throughout the night. But don’t lose hope for catching some quality zzzs!

Check out our tips below for how to lull yourself back to slumberland when your changing body feels like it is putting up a fight through back pain, heartburn, and shortness of breath.

Back pain?

If you find yourself waking up with an aching back, even while side sleeping, you may want to consider replacing your old mattress with a memory foam mattress for sweet relief. Memory foam feels especially good to side sleepers because of the way it conforms to the body and allows the hips and shoulders to softly sink in. And not only will your pregnant body benefit from pressure-relieving memory foam now, but you will also get to enjoy it years down the road.

As you near your second trimester, a mattress that is too soft will let your back sag, while a mattress that is too firm will put uncomfortable pressure on your hips and shoulders. Our recommendation is a medium-soft gel memory foam mattress like the Crown. With different comfort areas designed to maximize support and airflow, the Crown is a popular option among our side back sleeper customers alike.

If you are hesitant to commit to an all-foam mattress, consider a medium-firm latex hybrid like the Prestige, which delivers the benefits of memory foam without the hugging sensation.

One affordable way to get quick pressure relief is with a mattress topper like our Renew Gel Memory Foam Topper. The Renew topper adds 2.5 inches of comfort to your current mattress and delivers the benefits of memory foam minus the cost of a new mattress. Another great feature of Renew is the silky soft Tencel cover with cool response technology designed to help keep you comfortably cool at night.


As the third trimester approaches, you may begin to feel heartburn more frequently due to the pressure of your uterus on your stomach. If you find yourself suffering from heartburn at night, try propping yourself up with pillows or an adjustable bed.

Best pillow for propping up in bed

An extra firm gel memory foam pillow like Rejuvenate will hold its shape and support your body while still feeling plush and comfortable. And as an added benefit, Rejuvenate offers extra neck support for when you switch to sleeping on your side. Worried about getting hot? Rejuvenate is topped with a gel core insert so that you don't have to worry about overheating.

Best adjustable bed for acid reflux

An adjustable bed frame requires more of an upfront investment than pillows, but allows for custom head and foot positioning to help you find your sweet spot for eliminating heartburn. Our Relax 404 adjustable bed base does just that. Upgrade to the Maximize 604 for the added feature of massage.

Shortness of Breath?

You may experience shortness of breath later in pregnancy due to the growing pressure of your baby. To ease your breathing and avoid nausea, sleep on your side. And if you continue to have trouble breathing, follow the steps above to find your ideal pressure relief for easier breaths: switch to a memory foam mattress or reposition your body with a pillow or adjustable base.

With a little bit of help from a mattress, pillow, or adjustable bed base, you can relieve back pain, heartburn, and shortness of breath during your pregnancy. While these discomforts are common while pregnant, we urge you to consult your doctor if you need further recommendations. Have questions about how you could use Bed Boss sleep products while pregnant? Contact us online.

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