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How to Determine If a Split Mattress Is the Right Choice for You

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Do you and your sleep partner have wildly different preferences when it comes to mattresses? Does your bedmate snore or perform gymnastics in their sleep? Do you ever wake up feeling like you could spontaneously combust at any moment because your spouse is all up in your business? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you could be the perfect candidate for a split mattress setup.

Let’s take a look at what a split bed is, including its pros and cons.

Split King Mattress Dimensions

What is a Split Mattress

A split bed is two mattresses—usually the Twin XL size—placed side by side on separate frames (oftentimes adjustables) or a single King size bed frame. 

The split configuration allows both parties to choose the mattress they feel is best suited to their preferences—and better yet, by pairing adjustable frames with the split setup, each party can sleep in their favorite upright position without disturbing the other. Split beds afford a lot of freedom and choice, which can lead to better sleep and a happier relationship. Read on for even more benefits of a split bed.

Benefits of a Split Bed

  • Light sleeper? There is a good chance that you’ve been woken up by a restless bed partner if you're a light sleeper. It can be a major problem on a single mattress when your significant other transfers motion by moving, fidgeting, or getting up to use the restroom at night. Split beds are a great solution because they do not transfer motion like a traditional bed. The separate mattresses hold any disturbing motion to themselves.

  • Suffer from back and neck pain, snoring, or other issues? Adjustable bed frames are quickly gaining popularity right now because they allow you to raise the head and foot end of your bed for immediate relief. Split beds with adjustable frames enable each party to choose the right sleeping position for comfort without worrying about accommodating the needs and wants of their partner. This means you can breathe a big sigh of relief and focus on your own self-care while you sleep.

Interested in learning more about adjustable bed bases? The Bed Boss Relax 404 offers head and foot motion to allow you to find the perfect zero gravity position to relieve pressure from sore and aching joints. Our heavy duty steel frame provides excellent support and stability at a great price! Upgrade to Maximize 604 for the added luxury of massage.

  • Want an easier move? If you’ve ever had to move a King mattress and frame, you know what a nightmare it can be! While you might be able to break down the frame into a portable size, you would still have to deal with the massive mattress. Alternatively, a split bed setup makes moving a breeze. Twin mattresses are light and small enough to be carried by one person and can fit through tight spots with ease. If you are the type that can’t stay in the same place for long, a split mattress configuration could save you a lot of grief the next time you move.

Downsides of a Split Bed

  • Big-time cuddler? To the all-night cuddlers out there reading this: a split mattress may not be the best choice for you. Squeezing similar mattresses together solves most noticeable gaps—but if you and your partner are sleeping on mattresses of different heights or with pillow tops, you may have to live with a valley in the middle of your bed. (One a side note: There are products that can help join two Twin XL mattresses together like bed bridges, gap fillers, and straps. Just remember that it’s tough to use these helpful products when regularly operating side-by-side adjustable bases.)

  • Change the sheets often? Sheets, linens, and blankets are another thing to consider before committing to a split bed. Bedding sets for split mattresses aren’t easy to find. You will likely end up buying two sets of Twin XL sheets. This also means spending a little bit more time changing the sheets every week.

Ultimately, the disadvantages posed by a split mattress arrangement are minor, especially if you or your partner are losing sleep from problems that a split bed could solve. Split mattresses allow both parties to choose a bed that suits them best and enables them to get the best sleep possible. If the current accommodations you’ve made with your partner aren’t working out, you may want to consider the switch to a split bed. You will be glad you did!

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