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How Often Should You Change Your Sheets?

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Find out why changing your sheets weekly is essential to good hygiene.

Guilty of not changing your sheets often enough? You are not alone! Surveys show that a lot of folks refresh their bed linens about once a month—but that doesn’t even come close to hitting the mark for how often you should change your sheets. Did you know that it is of the utmost importance to change your sheets weekly? At the very least.

Apart from preventing germs, oils, and other unmentionables from accumulating in your bed, what are some other reasons you should be changing your dirty sheets more often?

Dirty Sheets Can Aggravate Allergies

Ever wake up with a stuffy nose that clears up later in the morning? You could have a dust mite sensitivity. Dust mites, dander, and other microscopic particles in your bed can cause mysterious allergic reactions (like nasal congestion) after a night’s rest. Mites especially love warm and cozy places to feed on dead human skin cells—and what better spot for them to congregate than in your bed? If you do not regularly clean and rotate your sheets and pillowcases, dust mites are most certainly accumulating beneath your very nose.

Take this important step to prevent a dust mite population from thriving in the fabric of your mattress: shield your bed with a protective Bed Boss mattress cover. The Bed Boss Preserve features a soft terry cloth material with a waterproof membrane for protection from spills and dust mites. Or, opt for The Bed Boss Cool Response Mattress Protector with our moisture-activated cooling technology to sweat less and sleep better, too.

Dirty Sheets Can Trigger Infections

It’s ok to admit it... Do you wake up in puddles of your own drool regularly? Are you the type that sweats bucket loads at night? All of that moisture, oil, and dander is creating the perfect environment for bacteria to grow in.

Did you know that sleeping on a dirty pillowcase (You are using a pillowcase, right?) can actually cause skin problems? The most common skin issue is acne. Not washing your bedding can lead to problems with your complexion at best or infections that require medical intervention at worst. Yikes.

Can’t Get Around to Washing Your Sheets That Often?

The best way to clean your sheets and get rid of the gunk is by using hot water and a hot drying cycle. But what if you just don’t have the time, energy, or resources to do it weekly?

To squeeze a little bit more life out of your sheets before stripping the bed and doing a load of laundry, try taking these steps: 

  • Clean your face or take a shower before bed. Your body will shed less dander and filth, giving you more time between laundry days. 

  • Make your bed every day. By the simple act of making your bed, you can cast out bits of dust and potato chip crumbs from the bed to the floor.

  • And finally… Swap out your dirty sheets for a fresh pair from the closet, wad up the dirty sheets in the corner of the room, and try not to look at them until laundry day finally arrives. (Not 100% failproof, but it’ll do in a pinch.)

Need to replace your sheets altogether? The Bed Boss Soft and Comfy sheet set comes with everything you need to make your bed look and feel great! Each kit includes a deep-pocketed fitted sheet with hold-tight straps, a luxurious flat sheet, and two standard pillowcases.

Not only is it a super nice feeling to slide into clean sheets, but it is also hygienic! Allergies are already bad enough this time of year, and there is no need to make it harder on yourself by sleeping in a dust mite toilet. Clean your sheets weekly—you will look better AND feel better, too!

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