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Home Camp: How to Turn Your Bedroom into a Little Haven in Four Easy Steps

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Couldn’t make it to Home Camp this week? We’ve got you covered with nuggets of wisdom straight from Kaysie Strickland, the incredible woman behind Chattanooga-area nonprofit Homes and Havens. Their mission is creating healing spaces for women in recovery, and we are avid admirers and supporters of their cause at The Bed Boss. 

To begin: When you come home at the end of a long day, what do you want to feel?

Take some time to answer this question for yourself. There is no right answer. It can be whatever you desire it to be. Our answer includes feelings such as love, serenity, and coziness.  

Step #1: Now, take what you want to feel and transform it into a mission statement 

Creating a mission statement for your home is the first step in turning your bedroom into a little haven. Why? It applies to every room in your home—including your bedroom, where you will spend every night (ultimately, a third of your life) resting and restoring for the next day.

Step #2: Approach decorating your bedroom as a healing process

Studies have shown that your environment affects your well-being. Every time you pick out a new pillow, lamp, or decorative element... Ask yourself, “Would this be comforting to me?” Each decoration should serve a purpose and that purpose is to make you feel very comfortable. Is there something in your bedroom that isn’t adding to your comfort? An old mattress, perhaps? Get rid of it! 

Step #3: Choose your bedroom colors carefully

Are you aware of the psychology behind color? Take a look at color charts to get a feel for the way different colors make you feel. Gentle and calming colors for bedrooms include whites, browns, blues, and greens. Could you use some “breathing room” in your bedroom? White is known for opening up spaces.

Step #4: Get started! There are no rules when it comes to decorating

Be inspired and do not be afraid to risk it! Home is the place where you can feel safe enough to practice risk-taking. (And decorating or picking out a new mattress isn’t that risky anyway.) Remember: you will never get anywhere with a perfectionist mentality. Simply starting the process is a victory. Create a bedroom space you enjoy, and do not worry about pleasing anyone other than yourself.

Want to know Kaysie’s hot tip for instant coziness? It’s easy! Take ten minutes to tidy up, light a candle, and turn on gentle music. And BAM. Oh so cozy.

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