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Home Camp: 8 Quick Tips for Styling Your Bedroom for Better Sleep

Updated: Feb 10

Did you have a spectacular time at Home Camp last weekend? Or, were you sorry to miss it? Either way—you are in luck! Whether you want a quick recap or catch-up, we have insider decorating tips for you straight from the pros at Homes and Havens. Don’t forget to start with “How to Turn Your Bedroom into a Little Haven in Four Easy Steps.”

Tip #1: Find beauty where you are

Tip #1: Find beauty where you are

Take a moment to feel grateful before you dive headfirst into redecorating your bedroom. Better sleep begins with gratitude. And gratitude makes a house a home

If you can change the narrative in your mind and feel grateful for all that you already have, then you can no doubt succeed at redecorating your bedroom for better sleep.

Tip #2: Remember to rearrange.

Don’t clog your creativity by keeping things where they are. Rearranging is like magic. You can easily redecorate by moving around the bedroom furniture you already own. Plus, it costs nothing.

Save yourself time and frustration by planning out the space ahead of time. Take a piece of paper and map out the arrangement of your furniture. Want more flexibility? Cut out rectangles representing your bed, dresser, mirror, etc. and freely move them around the paper.

Tip #3: Use big rugs

Tip #3: Use big rugs

Don’t underestimate the power of a big rug. A rug is like the friend who brings everyone together. How? By reaching out and touching all. The rug ties the lamp with the bed with the bed stand with the chair and so on. Quick tip: Use a light-colored rug to create more breathing room.

Tip #4: Decide on a focal point.

What do you want to be the statement piece in your bedroom? Every item in the bedroom sings at a certain level. It is up to you to determine the “loudest” voice. This could be a decorative headboard, eye-catching chair, large painting, etc.

Tip #5: Neutrals are your friend

Feeling uncertain about what color scheme to use in your bedroom? Pick out neutrals for better sleep. You can always add louder colors later. Quick tip: Is your bedroom feeling crowded? White furniture makes a space seem bigger.

Tip #6: Go big by saving up for impact pieces

Tip #6: Go big by saving up for impact pieces

Stop shopping small and take a risk! Cluttering up your bedroom with trinkets is not going to make it feel more comfortable. Save up for impact pieces instead.

Big pieces make a room feel bigger and more soothing because there is less to look at.

Tip #7: Use the same color palette in every room

Your rooms don’t need to be individually themed. Make things easier on yourself by using the same color palette and shades of colors in every room. This will allow you to mix and match furniture freely in your entire home. It’s as easy as swapping a bedroom lamp for a lamp in the living room.

Tip #8: Don’t forget about lighting.

Lamps equal instant coziness—enough said.

Tip #8: Don't forget about lighting

One of the keys to better sleep is feeling comfortable and cozy in your bedroom. Try implementing these quick styling tips to create a space that feels very comfortable to you. Ready for a mattress that will help you sleep even better? Get in touch through our online contact form.

Remember to follow Homes and Havens to see all of the good work they do for women in recovery. You don't want to miss their inspiring home transformations!

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