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Home Camp: 3 Ways Houseplants Help You Relax and Unwind Before Bed

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Seeking ways to de-stress after work and improve your peace of mind before bed? You may want to turn your bedroom into a little haven or style your bedroom for better sleep, but did you know that houseplants can help lower stress, too?


Indoor plants are both visually beautiful and beneficial to your health. They not only clean the air you breath, but also improve your sense of well-being—making them the perfect bedroom companions. Even Chattanooga-area nonprofit Homes and Havens incorporates a variety of indoor plants into their psychologically healing spaces. Let’s closely examine the benefits of houseplants and a few different options you may want to consider bringing into your bedroom.

Houseplants calm you down naturally, make you more mindful, and are stylish

They calm you down naturally

Studies have shown that simply looking at a leaf relaxes you. Want to reap the full benefits? Touch and smell the plant for two minutes. You will feel more contemplative and experience positive, lasting effects on your mood and concentration. Give it a try at bedtime for better sleep!

Better yet, houseplants purify the air and eliminate pollutants throughout the day to help you sleep more soundly at night. Special types like succulents and aloe vera even release oxygen at night.

They make you more mindful 

Caring for a plant makes you slow down in your day-to-day life. By watering the plant, giving it sun, and watching it grow, you can cultivate a rewarding, mindful practice. When properly cared for (don’t put off looking for tips or asking for help), your plant will flourish and grow thanks to your efforts.

They are stylish

Have fun decorating with plants! A plant instantly enlivens a space and the right pot can be a beautiful expression of color or focal point in your bedroom. Think about rhythm and repetition when designing with plants. Remember to consider how the colors of the plants and pots coordinate with the palette of your room. Quick Tip: Avoid the plant collection! As Chattanooga’s own Bees on a Bicycle would tell you, you are not collecting stickers.

Sansevieria (snake plant) does well in low light and doesn’t need much care

Try these plants in your bedroom

If you’re feeling stressed out, try calming your nerves by caring for a houseplant. Choose one based on qualities like hardiness, ease of care, affinity for indoors, and sunlight requirements. If you have cats or dogs, you may want to find out whether or not a plant is nontoxic before making the purchase.

Consider yourself to be forgetful? Sansevieria (snake plant) is an easy pick for you. It does well in low light and doesn’t need much care. Plus, it converts carbon dioxide to oxygen at night. We’ve heard this houseplant is great for sufferers of chronic headaches.

Golden pothos is a great low-maintenance plant for beginners. It’s almost impossible to kill and you can get creative for cheap! The stylish winding vines look beautiful when dangling from shelves and hanging baskets (which help to keep it away from cats and dogs). One of the highlights about golden pothos is that it tolerates most light—including near-total darkness. So, if you keep your bedroom dim like a cozy cave, this one is for you.

Aloe vera purifies the air and feels soothing to your skin

Aloe vera is a win-win across the board. This short-stemmed succulent looks beautiful in a cute pot, purifies the air at night, and feels soothing to your skin. Keep aloe vera by your bedside for easy access to its unique medicinal properties. You can use its gel to treat sunburn, bug bites, and dry skin. Aloe vera also purifies the air by releasing oxygen at night for better sleep.

Succulents are easy, trendy plants. They come in an endless variety of styles that you can mix and match in individual pots or combine into one striking pot. Succulents store water in their leaves and stems and release moisture into the air. Keep a few by your bed for purer air while you sleep.

Houseplants can work subtle wonders for those of us who are stressed-out. While a plant can’t fix your problems, what it can do for you is help you to relax before bed. Our recommendations require minimal care and you can easily find them all at your local nursery.


Looking for a garden center in the Chattanooga area? We personally recommend locally owned Bees on a Bicycle on Market Street. The owner, Cath, is generous with her deep knowledge of plants. She would be more than happy to help you make the right houseplant pick or mix and match bedside succulents.

With autumn upon us, now is the perfect time to bring greenery into your home!

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