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FAQ: Is There a Weight Limit for Adjustable Beds?

How to determine if an adjustable bed frame has the right lift capacity for you.

A motorized adjustable bed frame is any bed that lets you lift the head and/or foot of the mattress by remote control. The adjustable frame comes separately from the mattress and is prized for dramatically increasing users’ comfort levels at bedtime. One of the most desirable postures is zero gravity, which can be achieved by lifting the head and feet above the heart.

Once you are ready to start benefitting from an adjustable bed, you may ask: "How do I pick out the right adjustable for me?"

One important (and easily overlooked) factor to consider is weight capacity.

Make sure you find out the weight limit of the adjustable frames on your wishlist. An adjustable not designed to support your weight won’t deliver the comfort and longevity you need.

How Much Weight Can an Adjustable Hold?

Weight capacity for adjustable beds varies. It typically relies on the quality of the materials and the manufacturing. For instance, an adjustable bed from a reputable manufacturer will typically have a higher weight capacity than a cheaply-made, low-end bed. It could make the difference between a weight and lift capacity of 400 pounds versus 750 pounds for a King-size frame.

Paying a slight premium upfront for a heavy duty adjustable pays off in the long haul.

The Bed Boss Maximize 604 and Relax 404 lift capacities:

  • Twin XL - 550 pounds

  • Full - 750 pounds

  • Queen - 750 pounds

  • King - 750 pounds

Can I increase how much weight an adjustable base can hold?

It is possible to increase the weight limit for a King bed. You can do this is by syncing two Twin XL adjustable frames together to form a King-size frame. Placing two Twin XL units side by side also gives you the option for a split-King adjustable.

How Do I Choose a Sturdy Adjustable?

First, determine what weight capacity you need by adding together your weight, your partner’s weight, and the weight of your mattress.

For maximum sturdiness, you will want to choose a solid platform adjustable constructed with hardy steel and strong motors. Study customer reviews to find out the integrity of the materials used and how the base holds up over time.

Take into account that you must stay within a unit’s weight capacity for long-lasting use. Go over the weight limit and you risk the bed buckling and breaking. Excessive weight will void the warranty and render the frame useless. Remember that the weight limit may be listed in the fine print.

For an adjustable bed that surpasses industry standards, consider the heavy duty Maximize 604 or Relax 404 by The Bed Boss.

What is the best adjustable for heavy people?

To feel the most comfortable and to ensure longevity of the bed, heavy sleepers will need a strong support system. Sturdy steel framework, strong legs, and heavy duty motors are the most important adjustable features for long-lasting construction.

If you are a heavy sleeper, make sure you understand the weight limits of different beds and avoid cheap, low weight capacity adjustables.

Keep in mind that placing two Twin XL frames side by side is one easy way to increase the weight and lift capacity of a King-size bed.

Related Frequently Asked Questions

Will an adjustable work with my current mattress?

If your current mattress is 13 inches thick or less and of a memory foam or hybrid build, it should function perfectly with your new Bed Boss adjustable. It is possible to use other mattresses with your adjustable, but please note thicker mattresses or mattresses of a different build may not flex as well with the base. To confirm compatibility, you may want to ask the manufacturer or the store you purchased your mattress at.

Can I use an adjustable bed with an existing bed frame?

We designed our adjustables to sit inside existing bed frames. Make sure that you can remove the slats from the original frame to accommodate the legs of your new Bed Boss adjustable. Read this article to learn more.

Can I adjust the height of my adjustable?

Yes, you can adjust the height of your Bed Boss adjustable by attaching different leg sizes to the frame. Legs are available at thebedboss.com for the Maximize 604 and Relax 404 models. Read more about the available leg sizes.

What is the warranty on Bed Boss adjustables?

All bed frames by The Bed Boss come with a limited 15-year warranty. The first year of the warranty fully covers manufacturing defects for all mechanical parts. The next 14 years cover all mechanical parts at a prorated cost. Learn more about what your Bed Boss adjustable warranty covers here.

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