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FAQ: Can I Use My Bed Frame With an Adjustable Bed?

It is easier than you think! Learn how you can upgrade your current bed frame by installing an adjustable base.

It’s no secret that adjustable bed frames carry a multitude of benefits, from relieving chronic pain to suppressing snoring. We go more in depth about the benefits here.

However, before purchasing an adjustable bed, you may find yourself asking:

What type of bed frame can I use with an adjustable base?

Unsure about how an adjustable bed will work with your current bedroom arrangement? Keep reading for answers to our most frequently asked questions about adjustable bed and bed frame compatibility.

Do Adjustables Need Special Frames?

Here's the scoop: you can use just about any bed frame with an adjustable bed. It does not require a special frame. You only need to make sure that you purchase the right adjustable size for your bed frame size.

Keep in mind that if your current frame has slats spanning from top to bottom, you may need to remove a few slats to make clearance for the legs of the adjustable bed. But don’t fret about removing your frame’s slat support system—an adjustable will offer all of the support your mattress will need.

What if the King adjustable bed splits down the middle?

No sweat! Your split-King adjustable will still fit inside your King-size bed frame. Since a split-King adjustable is made by placing two Twin XL adjustable frames together to create the dimensions of a King, a split-King adjustable wouldn't be any bigger than a standard King.

One of the great advantages of a split bed is that it lets you adjust the two sides separately. Read this to determine if a split-King is the right choice for you.

Can I Use My Headboard With an Adjustable Frame?

Yes, you can use a standard headboard with all Bed Boss adjustable bed frames. You will need to purchase the optional headboard bracket here in order to attach your headboard to the adjustable bed.

Please note that the Maximize 604 and Relax 404 use the same headboard bracket kit (click here), whereas the Essential 104 uses a different kit (click here).

Do I Need a Box Spring for an Adjustable Bed?

No. An adjustable bed frame is the only support your mattress will need. Why? Because adjustable beds feature an extremely supportive solid or slatted surface. Not to mention—box springs won’t work with how an adjustable bed functions.

Even our basic Essential 104 model is highly supportive with slats spaced closely to satisfy mattress warranty requirements.

Related Frequently Asked Questions

Can I adjust the height of my adjustable bed?

Yes! You can adjust the height of the Maximize 604 and Relax 404 adjustable beds by ordering a different leg size here.

We offer 2-inch, 4-inch, and 13-inch leg heights. You can combine different leg heights to customize the height of your bed. Read more about how to pick the right leg height here.

Can I place my adjustable bed's frame on a flat surface like a platform storage bed?

No, you cannot place your adjustable bed on a flat surface without leg attachments. At a minimum, 4-inch legs are required to allow enough clearance underneath the base for the head and foot lift motors to function normally.

If you would like to lower your base using 4-inch legs, they are available for purchase here.

Can I use an adjustable bed with a bed frame with drawers?

Unfortunately, no. The drawers would obstruct the legs of the adjustable, making it impossible to fit the adjustable inside your bed frame.

Did you know that Bed Boss adjustable beds offer more benefits than standard adjustable frames? With advantages like heavy duty steel framework and top-notch customer service, our adjustables deliver longevity and peace of mind. Contact us at info@thebedboss.com with any more questions you may have.

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