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FAQ: Can I Put a Headboard on My Bed Boss Bed Frame?

Updated: Feb 10

Read about headboard bracket kit options for our Maximize 604, Relax 404, Essential 104, and Reliable models.

Recently purchased a Bed Boss bed frame and wondering if you can use a headboard with it? Rest assuredwe have headboard bracket kits available for all of our sleek platform and slat style frames. 

Discover the solution for your Bed Boss model below:

Maximize 604 and Relax 404

Our most popular adjustable bed models, the Maximize and Relax, offer head up and foot up adjustability and feature a solid three quarters of an inch wood platform. These models are nearly structurally identical, which means they share the same headboard kit. The headboard bracket kit features heavy gauge steel plates and robust mounting hardware to ensure a strong and reliable bond with the body of the bed frame. Not to mention, the bracket is easy to install! Have it ready to go for your headboard in less than 15 minutes.

Contact us here to purchase a Maximize 604 or Relax 404 headboard bracket kit.

Essential 104 and Reliable

The Essential 104 and Reliable frames feature closely-placed, wide, and bowed slats to evenly and securely support the weight of your mattress. The compatible headboard bracket kit features a flat plate design for a simple and sturdy headboard mounting solution. It offers the same strength, adaptability, and ease of installation as our 604 and 404 kit due to its heavy duty steel plate design.

Contact us here to purchase an Essential 104 or Reliable headboard bracket kit.

Even though style preferences may be shifting away from large beds with massive headboards to minimalistic and utilitarian designs, some folks still prefer a traditional look. Installing a headboard kit on your Bed Boss bed can be a good compromise. Better yet, a headboard can be a good way to protect your walls and prevent your pillows from falling behind the bed.

Get in touch with us online if you are interested in acquiring a kit for yourself!

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