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Cheap Mattress vs Expensive Mattress—What is the Difference in Our Collection?

Updated: Feb 10

Unless you’re looking for a mattress made with natural horsehair and rare vicuna wool (we needed to look that one up too), you shouldn’t opt to pay more than $1,000 for the best Queen mattress—maybe $1,400 if you want hand tufting or a supremely soft, extra thick mattress. Why? Because owner satisfaction and quality of sleep don’t magically increase when you pay extra. (Read more about getting what you pay for in a mattress in our previous blog.)

So, a question we ought to answer as a maker of mattresses is: What are you paying for when you buy a Bed Boss mattress?

Let’s take a look at three popular mattresses in our collection—a low-price, mid-price, and high-price option—and break down the prices.

Before we get into it, take note that our prices are not inflated with questionable advertising costs. We don’t pay a single cent to publishing companies, review sites, or bloggers. At The Bed Boss, we create excellent mattresses, sell them at affordable prices, and ask our customers to honestly let us know what they think.

1. Low-Price Option - Heavenly Hybrid at $705.95 Queen price

At 10.5 inches thick, Heavenly Hybrid is the slimmest and firmest of the three mattress options listed here. It’s your best cheap mattress option made with our finest high-density foams and individually pocketed coils. This hybrid mattress delivers the sought-after benefits of memory foam with a firm feel minus the hugging sensation that some people find uncomfortable.

Why is Heavenly Hybrid cheaper than our other options? It’s only 10.5 inches thick, so we don’t have to spend as much money on premium materials like high-density memory foams and individually pocketed coils. With just two inches of plush memory foam, Heavenly Hybrid has both a popular firm feeling and a cheap price.

2. Mid-Price Option - Heir Et at $955.95 Queen price

Next up is our Heir Et mattress. The Heir Et is our top-selling memory foam mattress that’s highly sought after for its simultaneously soft and supportive medium-firm feel. Better yet, it’s priced fairly considering the top-notch materials we put into it. The Heir Et is 11 inches thick—that’s seven inches of incredibly dense base foam topped by three inches of our premium memory foams designed for ultimate pressure relief. This is our chiropractor recommended mattress for a bad back and sore hips and shoulders.

Visit our Bed Boss mattress store in Chattanooga, and we’ll escort you directly to the Heir Et to try. This mattress delivers a true “Wow” factor the first time you lie down on it. The best part? Our $955.95 Queen Heir Et compares to mattresses that cost thousands of dollars more at big chain stores.

3. High-Price Option - Revolution Hybrid at $1,219.95 Queen price

Last and definitely not least is our Revolution Hybrid mattress. The Revolution is the most expensive mattress in our line-up at $1,219.95 for a Queen. However, it’s a complete steal when you compare it to similar mattresses manufactured by big brands with big budget ad campaigns.

Why the $1,219.95 price tag? Well, Revolution Hybrid (3.5) is a whopping 15.25 inches thick—that’s 4.5 MORE INCHES of premium memory foams than our low-profile Heavenly Hybrid. We compare Revolution to a finely layered cake, with each layer building on the next to create a very soft mattress. Side sleepers and lightweight people, especially, rejoice at Revolution’s cloud-like softness.

Speaking of what goes into our mattresses, did we mention that every Bed Boss mattress is made with CertiPur-US certified foams? We take a firm stance on NOT using harmful chemicals in our mattresses. We use only CertiPur-US foams because your health and safety are our priority. When you sleep on a Bed Boss mattress, you’re sleeping on a surface you can trust.

Ask us questions about our mattresses today! We’re open. We’re honest. And we’re here for you to get better sleep. Send us a message with any questions.

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