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Can You Wash a Memory Foam Pillow? (Steps for Deep Cleaning)

Updated: Feb 10

Can a fouled up memory foam pillow be saved? Yes, it can! Follow these best practices when attempting to wash your memory foam pillow.

Memory foam pillows typically last a lot longer than your average superstore five dollar special. The great news—you will get to use your memory foam pillow for years. The unavoidable side effect—the pillow will get grimy over time. Our bodies are constantly shedding bacteria, dead skin cells, and oils.

Our article “How to Wash Your Memory Foam Pillow (The Right Way)” explains how to gently spot clean your Bed Boss pillow. This article covers steps to take when your pillow is extra dirty. If you plan to wash a pillow that is made by a manufacturer other than The Bed Boss, please check with them in advance for any special instructions. Avoid deep cleaning your pillow more than once a year to avoid extra wear and tear.

How to Wash Your Memory Foam Pillow

Solid foam pillows may be relatively easy to clean, but treat them gently to avoid dislodging chunks. Always wash the foam core by hand. Never put it in the washing machine. Even gentle wash cycles can cause stress and damage to the delicate memory foam.

Before you begin

Remove the pillowcase and outer cover of the pillow. Wash these with your other linens. You should only have the foam core now.


  1. Fill a basin with cool tap water. Add a mild detergent to your wash water. Please refrain from using harsh or heavily scented detergents. 

  2. Carefully wash your pillow WITHOUT fully submerging it. Gently squeeze and compress parts of the pillow in the water to get out as much gunk as possible. Do not plunge your entire pillow underwater. Solid foam pillows soak up water like a sponge. Submerging your pillow will make it heavy and prone to break apart. 

  3. Done squeezing? Empty your wash water out and refill the basin with fresh water. Reintroduce your pillow to the clean water and repeat the squeezing motion until the water runs clear. You may need to empty and refill your basin several times during this step. Remember to keep the bulk of the pillow out of the water at any given time. Do not submerge it. 

  4. Now that you have a clean pillow, what do you do to remove the water from it? Get a clean and dry towel. Fold the towel around your pillow. Gently roll and squeeze your pillow between the layers of the towel—never wring out your pillow!

  5. Is most of the water out? Time to dry your pillow. Place your pillow in a dry place inside. For faster results, place it outside on a hot and sunny day. Please be patient and avoid putting your wet pillow in a clothes dryer. Proper drying is important. Mold and mildew will set in if your pillow is NOT 100% DRY. And if that happens, you will have no other choice but to throw it out.

Bed Boss solid memory foam pillows:

Special Tips for Shredded Foam Pillows

Shredded memory foam pillows are different from the molded variety. For the best cleaning, your shredded foam pillow must have a zipper that allows access to the innermost pocket where the foam resides. 

Before you begin

To wash your shredded foam pillow properly, remove the pillow case and outer cover of the pillow. Wash these with your other linens. You should be left with only the zippered pocket.

Is your pillow only lightly soiled?

You may have luck freshening up the pillow by putting the shredded foam in a loosely threaded bag and placing it in the dryer for a gentle tumble dry cycle. This method works best for pillows with larger foam pieces.

Is your pillow heavily soiled?

Keep the foam pieces in the zippered pocket and repeat steps 1 to 4 in the first section for washing a solid foam pillow. After washing your shredded foam pillow, follow the steps below to dry it.

How to dry your shredded foam pillow

Try spreading out the damp foam pieces evenly over a large area. Doing this on a clean surface outside on a warm and sunny day will speed up the drying time. Otherwise, spread out the pieces indoors and set up a fan beside them. Prefer to tumble dry? Place the zippered pocket of foam in a dryer and tumble dry on low until the foam is completely dry. Make sure to fluff the pocket every thirty minutes.

Bed Boss shredded memory foam pillows:

Your memory foam pillow could last years with proper care! In terms of longevity and comfort, a cheap polyfill pillow from your local big box store simply cannot compete. Questions about how to clean your Bed Boss memory foam pillow? Contact us online.

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