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Best Soft Mattress for Side Sleepers

Updated: Feb 10

Soft mattress recommendations that combine pressure relief and support for side sleepers. Perfect picks from our memory foam, hybrid, and innerspring collections.

Want to improve your quality of sleep as a side sleeper? By picking out the right mattress, you can eliminate pressure points across your body and wake up feeling refreshed. We specially designed the SOFT mattresses featured in this article to help side sleepers achieve restful sleep.

At The Bed Boss, we advise side sleepers to choose a mattress that exemplifies the following qualities:

  • A soft or medium soft firmness level

  • Conforms to your body’s curves

  • Balances pressure point relief and support

Wondering how the qualities above will make your side-sleeping experience even better? A soft or medium-soft mattress provides extra cushioning for your side and lets your hips and shoulders rest more deeply within the mattress layers. A soft surface that conforms to your body’s curves equally distributes pressure to prevent uncomfortable pressure points. And last but not least, a mattress that balances pressure point relief and support typically features high-density foams that alleviate tension while gently keeping your hips and lower back uplifted.

Say goodbye to sore hips and shoulders and hello to cozy sleep! Explore the following SOFT mattresses from our collection that will make sleeping on your side simply heavenly. The options below include select picks from our memory foam, hybrid, and innerspring collections. Do rememberthese are guidelines and not strict rules to follow.

Hot tip: Soft mattresses are especially wonderful for lightweight sleepers who sleep on their sides AND backs. Why? Soft mattresses hug lightweight bodies more snuggly than firm mattresses. The result? You get to benefit more from the conforming qualities of the mattress. 

Soft Memory Foam

The Elite Mattress: Level 4 Firmness

Want soft support and a cozy hugging sensation all rolled into one at an affordable price? If so, Elite is a great pick! Elite features a traditional memory foam design composed of thick and supple foams that eliminate motion transfer and won't suck you in. Layers include a gel-infused memory foam quilted cover, high-density memory foam, and high-resiliency base foams. We designed Elite to mitigate the pain triggered by side sleepers’ pressure points. Upper layers contour to your side, while base layers support your body.

With Elite, you can indulge in the highly sought after benefits of memory foam without sacrificing quality or breaking the bank.

Soft Hybrid

The Revolution Hybrid Mattress: Level 3.5 Firmness

The Revolution Hybrid is the soft mattress that side sleepers’ dreams are made of. This one-of-a-kind mattress incorporates unique cooling technologies to regulate heat. Special features include a cool-to-the-touch cover and individually pocketed coils that enhance airflow between the thick, high-density foams and evenly distribute weight across the soft surface. Layers include a premium cooling, gel-infused memory foam quilted cover, Air-flow memory foam, gel-infused, high-density memory foam, and individually pocketed coils nestled in an HD foam encasement between layers of high-resiliency base foams.

Choose Revolution if you want to sleep cool AND enjoy the pressure-relieving advantages of memory foam! Let your pressure points melt away in this six-layer design featuring our softest support foams backed by a durable pocketed coil system.

Soft Innerspring (Pocketed Coil)

The Prosperity + Gel Mattress: Level 3.5 Firmness

The Prosperity + Gel blends softness and pressure relief for a traditional feel. The plush, supportive feel has a touch of bounce for side sleepers who want to eliminate pressure points without feeling “stuck.” Layers include 3-layered gel memory foam combined with super soft comfort and support foams, firm HD support foam, and an individually pocketed coil system with high-resiliency base and edge support foam. Prosperity’s comfort and support foams bounce back quickly, so that you can move around easily. Better yet, the gel layer at the top delivers night-long coolness.

As lovely as it is comfortable, the Prosperity restores your body and eases your mind with truly restful sleep.

Hot tip: Did you know that your pillow can make or break how comfortably you sleep on your side? Your pillow should have enough loft to keep your head from dipping to one side, but not so much loft that it creates a new pressure point in your neck. Learn more about the best pillow for your sleep position here.

As you shop for a mattress that will fit your side sleeping style, keep in mind the following qualities: a soft or medium soft feel, conforms to your body's curves, and balances pressure point relief and support. Questions about the mattresses in our collection? Contact us online.

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