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Best Mattress for Combination Sleepers

Updated: Feb 10

Best memory foam, hybrid, and innerspring picks for combination sleepers who switch between different positions in their sleep.

Time for a sleep quiz! What is your preferred sleeping position most nights?

If you sleep in a variety of positions throughout the night, picking out the right mattress can be a challenge. It requires a mattress that can constantly adapt to your ever-shifting body. 

At The Bed Boss, we recommend picking a mattress with the following traits if you need it to accommodate two or three different sleeping positions:

  • A medium firm comfort level

  • Versatile construction

  • Adaptively contours to your body

As a combination sleeper, a medium-firm comfort level will likely be your sweet spot. What if you go too soft? You will miss out on proper spinal alignment when on your back. Too firm? The mattress will not adequately conform to your side curves for pressure relief. A mattress with a versatile construction will accommodate many sleeping positions (not to mention, body types). And a mattress that adaptively contours to your body will promote blood circulation in any position you choose to sleep in.

Read on for MEDIUM FIRM mattress recommendations we built to accommodate the unique sleeping style of combination sleepers. Simply pick between memory foam, hybrid, and innerspring (pocketed coil). Remember that these are guidelines and not strict rules to follow.

Hot tip: Pair any of the mattress selections below with an adjustable base for a customizable sleep experience to optimize your sleep position.

Medium Firm Memory Foam

The Heir ET Plus Mattress: Level 6 Firmness

For ultimate pressure relief. The Heir ET Plus is a favorite among sleepers of all positions. There is no such thing as a one-fits-all mattress, but the Heir ET Plus comes pretty close. It is firm enough to stop your hips and lower back from sagging when lying flat on your back and soft enough to contour to your hips, shoulders, and knees when on your side to eliminate pressure points. The Heir ET Plus incorporates modern cooling technology like a soft Tencel cover that gets cool to the touch for hot sleepers. Layers include gel-infused, higher density memory foam, traditional pressure-relieving memory foam, and supportive, high-resiliency base foam. 

With a pinpoint pressure melting design, the Heir ET Plus helps to relieve and prevent back pain while helping you sleep cooler on your back, side, or stomach. Mattresses of similar quality and construction will likely cost you hundreds, if not thousands, elsewhere.

Medium Firm Hybrids

The Prestige Mattress: Level 5.5 Firmness

For affordable luxury. The Prestige combines memory foam, latex, and individually pocketed coils for a deluxe contouring effect that balances a bouncy feel with motion control. Featuring five-zoned support, Prestige actively responds to your body to promote spinal alignment whether you are sleeping on your back, side, or stomach. Plus, we designed Prestige to deliver consistent comfort over the years with hand tufting that firmly holds the layers in place. Layers include gel-infused, higher density memory foam, visco elastic rebound memory foam, natural dunlop latex, comfort and support foams, and an individually pocketed coil system with 5-zone support and HD foam encasement. 

As one of the top-quality latex mattresses available, Prestige bundles premium materials together in lush cashmere for a high-end sleep experience. This cozy creation offers support, bounce, and longevity at an affordable price.

The Rejuvenate Mattress: Level 5.5 Firmness

For a supportive yet soft feel. Sprawl out on your back, side, or stomach on Rejuvenate and relax. The Rejuvenate mattress contours to all of your body’s dips and curves while maintaining a stable shape. This coil bed features a layer of plush memory foam on top for a contouring effect that lets you rotate sleeping positions without “melting” into the bed. Layers include gel-infused, higher density memory foam, traditional, pressure-relieving memory foam, and an individually pocketed coil system with high-resiliency base and edge support foam. 

As a mattress that conforms to your body as you shift around, the Rejuvenate is a great pick that balances comfort and support for all sleeping positions.

Medium Firm Innerspring (Pocketed Coil)

The Reflection Mattress: Level 5 Firmness

For less tossing and turning. The Reflection is a pillow top mattress with a fluffy feel backed by supportive individually pocketed coils. With comfort and support foams instead of memory foam, Reflection delivers a neutral, soft foam feel minus the hugging sensation. Perfect if you like a touch of softness without feeling like you are sinking into your mattress! This coil mattress lets you switch from your side to your back to your stomach with ease so that you don’t feel trapped. Layers include a cotton-quilted cover, Air-flow foam, layered comfort and support foams, and an individually pocketed coil system with five-zone support and HD foam encasement. 

The Reflection is a comfortable choice for all sleep positions. Plus, with a breathable, moisture-wicking cashmere cover layered over Air-flow foam, Reflection’s cool design prevents heat buildup between the layers to keep you cool.

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