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Best Mattress for Back Sleepers: Medium Firm Edition

Updated: Feb 10

Medium-firm picks for back sleepers that deliver support with a softer feel. Favorite choices from our memory foam, hybrid, and innerspring collections.

Consider yourself a back sleeper, but can’t decide between a firm or medium-firm mattress? While the choice is ultimately yours to make, a few guidelines can help make the decision a little bit easier. Please note our focus in this article is on MEDIUM-FIRM options. Read about FIRM options for back sleepers here.

If you consider yourself a back sleeper, you may want to choose a medium-firm mattress if:

  • You are a combo sleeper, meaning you often switch between sleeping on your back and sleeping on your side

  • You tend to have soreness in your shoulders, hips, and lower back

  • You are lightweight

Why choose a medium-firm mattress if you fit one or more of the above criteria? As a combo sleeper, a medium-firm mattress will provide more pressure relief than a firm mattress when you switch to your side. A medium-firm feel also delivers more malleable, cushioning support to soreness-prone areas like your shoulders, hips, and lower back. And if you are a lightweight sleeper, a medium-firm mattress can help you avoid numbness in your hips and shoulders. (Typically, the lower your BMI, the softer your mattress should be.)

Our recommendations below include MEDIUM-FIRM picks from our collection for back sleepers. Pick your favorite style below: memory foam, hybrid, or innerspring. Remember that these are guidelines and not strict rules to follow. Choose what feels best to you! 

Medium-Firm Memory Foam

The Heir ET Plus Mattress: Level 6 Firmness

The Heir ET Plus is our go-to mattress for back and side sleepers. It helps back sleepers maintain spinal alignment and adjusts to the curves of the body for a soft embrace. If you switch over to your side, the Heir ET will respond by taking the pressure off your shoulders, knees, and hips. To sum it up, you get pressure relief and a cozy hugging sensation without the sinking feeling. Layers include gel-infused, higher density memory foam, traditional pressure-relieving memory foam, and supportive, high-resiliency base foam. To top it off, the Heir ET Plus features a cover made with innovative, silky soft Tencel fabric that turns cool to the touch when you get hot.

Medium-Firm Hybrid

The Rejuvenate Mattress: Level 5.5 Firmness

For back sleepers who prefer a softer, more traditional feel, but still want pressure relief, the Rejuvenate is a great compromise. With the perfect fusion of pressure-relieving memory foam and individually pocketed springs, it allows for more movement than traditional memory foam. Switch between your back and side with ease on Rejuvenate. Layers include gel-infused, higher density memory foam, traditional, pressure-relieving memory foam, and an individually pocketed coil system with high-resiliency base and edge support foam. Rejuvenate is supportive, responsive, and offers a great feel for a fantastic night’s sleep.

Medium-Firm Innerspring (Pocketed Coil)

The Reflection Mattress: Level 5 Firmness

Want your mattress to have a touch of softness, but dislike the hugging sensation of memory foam? Reflection features a plush pillow top for a fluffy medium-firm surface minus the "stuck" feeling. Get a luxurious and traditional feel with Reflection, plus individually pocketed coils for reduced motion transfer between you and your partner. Layers include a cotton-quilted cover, Air-flow foam, layered comfort and support foams, and an individually pocketed coil system with five-zone support and HD foam encasement. Restful sleep and less tossing and turning are no longer a possibility, but a reality on The Bed Boss Reflection.

For help choosing which mattress in our collection will fit your tastes and sleep habits, contact us online to speak with a friendly Bed Boss representative.

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