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Best Firm Mattress for Back Sleepers

Updated: Feb 10

Best-rated mattress picks for back sleepers, including memory foam, hybrid, and innerspring options.

What is the best mattress for a back sleeper, you ask? While there is no one-fits-all mattress for back sleepers, it is possible to narrow down your selection to a select few that fit your specific needs. Our focus is on FIRM options in this article.

At The Bed Boss, we can offer the following recommendations to back sleepers who want to take charge of their sleep:

  • Choose a firm or medium firm comfort level

  • Opt for a layer of pressure relief

  • Ensure the mattress is supportive & holds its shape

Why look for the qualities above? A firm or medium-firm mattress offers the ideal firmness level for back sleeping by allowing neutral alignment of the spine. A layer of pressure relief cushions pressure-prone areas like the shoulders, hips, and lower back with a touch of conforming softness. And finally, a supportive mattress incorporates thick and dense materials that support the back and prevent the hips from sagging. 

We specially picked popular FIRM mattresses from our collection that match the above recommended criteria for back sleepers. To find your match, choose memory foam, hybrid, or innerspring below. And keep in mindthese are guidelines and not strict rules to follow.

Are you a combination sleeper? Medium-firm mattresses are especially ideal for sleepers who switch between their backs and sides. Check here for medium-firm selections from our collection for back sleepers.

Hot tip: As a general rule of thumb, the firmer the bed, the cooler it sleeps.

Firm Memory Foam

The Select Mattress: Level 8 Firmness

Want the firmest support available without sacrificing pressure relief? You are in luck! Not only does our Select memory foam mattress offer a firm feel, but it also delivers a delicate hugging sensation. The Select is a dense and durable foam mattress that doesn’t feel stiff. Layers include Gel foam for cooler sleep, latex for bounce-back resiliency, and high-resiliency base foam for longevity. Another plus? Select’s high firmness level means it won’t trap heat like softer memory foam options.

Firm Hybrid

The Heavenly Hybrid Mattress: Level 7 Firmness

The Heavenly Hybrid delivers a combination of support, pressure relief, and movement. Unlike memory foam, Heavenly Hybrid has a bouncy feel and lets you easily move around in bed. It is the firmest Bed Boss hybrid option available, as well as the most money-saving mattress on this list. Layers include Gel foam, high resiliency foam, and individually pocketed coils. Heavenly Hybrid knocks it out of the park in categories like supportiveness, responsiveness, and coolness.

Hot tip: If you suffer from lower back pain, try pairing Heavenly Hybrid with an adjustable base that gives you the ability to set a zero gravity position. This position instantly takes the pressure off your lower back so that you can rest easy.

Firm Innerspring (Pocketed Coil)

The Endurance Mattress: Level 8.5 Firmness

Seeking a firm bed with a traditional feel? The Endurance is the firmest mattress in our collection and offers unbeatable support. Choose Endurance for a springy feel with gentle cushioning. Layers include plush cotton quilted into the cover, Air-flow comfort foam, 3-layered comfort and support foams, and pocketed coils. With its hand-tufted design, Endurance is especially great for heavy folks who need a durable mattress.

Attention back sleepers: Comfort AND firm support can be yours in a Bed Boss mattress. Have questions about our collection, or need help picking out the right mattress? Don’t hesitate to contact us online.

For an in-depth breakdown of mattress recommendations based on your body weight, sleep position, and body temperature, check out this article: "One Mattress to Rule Them All? Not Likely! Here's Why Different Bodies Need Different Beds"

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