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Best Adjustable Bed: What to Look For

Important questions to ask yourself before purchasing an adjustable bed base.

Who makes the best adjustable bed? To help you answer this question for yourself, our article will show you what to look for in a motorized bed base.

Adjustable bed bases are versatile. You can use an adjustable as a bed, couch, or even a lounger. A good adjustable bed base will have not only the features you want to enjoy, but also a durable construction. You may even need to determine whether it works with your current bedroom set up.

Before purchasing an adjustable bed, ask yourself the following questions:

What Are the Features?

Most adjustables have one, two, or all three of the following key features: head incline, foot incline, and/or dual massage. It is up to you to determine if you want all or some of the features.

To give you a quick rundown, the head tilt can ease your breathing and subdue snoring and heartburn. Combine foot tilt with your head tilt to customize your own zero gravity sweet spot for instant pressure relief. Add on dual massage for gentle, relaxing vibrations across the surface of your mattress.

Key features in top-selling adjustable bases by The Bed Boss:

Find out more about the benefits an adjustable bed has to offer.

Is the Construction Heavy Duty?

Heavy duty framework should make or break your decision when picking out an adjustable bed.

An adjustable with heavy duty construction will last for years and years, while a poorly made frame may begin to bend and buckle over time—even in the first year of ownership.

To find out how heavy duty a base is, read the reviews. Are buyers complaining about the legs or framework bending? The same goes for the mechanical parts. Are lift motors burning out after a few months of use?

While a solid, well-built frame is ideal, it can be difficult to move. At The Bed Boss, we have thought through this concern for our Maximize 604 and Relax 404 frames. The King sizes come in two pieces designed to be managed by two able-bodied people. For example, the King Maximize 604 adjustable bed weighs 263 lbs when fully assembled. However, we ship it to you 85% pre-assembled in two sections—head and foot sections individually weighing about 130 lbs—for convenient maneuverability and set up.

You may also want to consider how much assembly is required for an adjustable bed. To glimpse the simple assembly process for the Maximize 604 and Relax 404, check out our handy instruction videos:

Will It Work With Your Current Bedroom Set Up?

Do you plan to place your adjustable bed within a pre-existing bed frame? Do you have a headboard? A footboard? Consider these questions to determine if you will need to modify your bed frame or obtain additional attachments.

Keep in mind an adjustable bed supports your mattress without the need for a traditional box spring.

Want to attach a headboard? The Bed Boss Maximize 604 comes with a headboard bracket kit, whereas The Bed Boss Relax 404 does not come with a headboard bracket kit. If you purchase the Relax 404 and want to attach a headboard bracket to it, you will need to purchase the kit separately. Read more about available headboard attachment options.

Want to adjust the height of your adjustable? Depending on the thickness of your mattress, you may want to raise or lower the height of your adjustable bed to bring your mattress to a more comfortable level. The Maximize 604 comes with 2-in-1 adjustable two-piece 13" legs, whereas the Relax 404 comes with one-piece 13” legs that are not adjustable. Purchase the Maximize model for the ability to detach the 13" legs to create separate 4.75” and 8.25” heights. Learn more about our leg attachment options.

Finally, Make Sure Your Mattress Is Adjustable Friendly

What mattress can be used with an adjustable base? A memory foam or hybrid mattress that is around 13” thick or less should grant you maximum flexibility with an adjustable bed. If you have any doubts about whether your mattress is adjustable compatible, consult the manufacturer or contact us to speak to one of our trained representatives.

Even if your current mattress is compatible, is it comfortable? Ultimately, how much you will enjoy your adjustable bed base boils down to the comfort level of your mattress. Buying an adjustable bed could be a great time to buy a new mattress, too.

Superior Adjustable Bed Bases by The Bed Boss

Maximize 604:

  • Customizable full range head and foot positioning

  • Massage actions, including variations in intensity and speed

  • Instant leveling

  • Three programmable memory buttons

  • Wireless, backlit remote

  • Mattress stabilizer bar

  • Heavy duty steel frame

  • 750 lbs. lift capacity

  • Easy setup

  • Stylish gray upholstery

  • Two-piece legs

Relax 404:

  • Customizable full range head and foot positioning

  • Instant leveling

  • Two programmable memory buttons

  • Wireless remote with flashlight

  • Mattress stabilizer bar

  • Heavy duty steel frame

  • 750 lbs. lift capacity

  • Easy setup

  • Stylish gray upholstery

Essential 104:

  • Customizable full range head positioning

  • Wired remote

  • Mattress stabilizer bar

  • 500 lbs. lift capacity

  • Flexible, replaceable birchwood slats

  • Whisper-quiet motor

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