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Airbnb Hosts: Why You Should Join The Bed Boss Host Program

Don’t underestimate the importance of a good night’s sleep in your guest’s Airbnb experience. 

At The Bed Boss, we understand your priority as an Airbnb or Vrbo host: designing the perfect vacation rental suite for your guests. While you may be tempted to purchase hip decorations to create a relaxing aurora, do not overlook the one one ingredient that can make or break a guest’s entire experience—the mattress.

Whether you are operating a budget rental or a luxury apartment, the mattress is key. Making a good night’s sleep available to your guests enables them to wake up feeling refreshed and to forgive easily when hiccups occur.

Ultimately, a great sleep experience leads to more positive reviews, more bookings, and eventually extra cash through our host program. This article will show you the best way to help your guests get the restorative sleep they need and how you can earn more in the process.

How Important Is the Mattress in an Airbnb?

If your guest cannot get a good night’s sleep, nothing else can compensate. Squeaky clean room? Complimentary snacks? Even the most attentive touches pale in comparison to the mattress.

Think about it—when your guests are not out and about, they are probably relaxing or sleeping in the bed at your rental.

If the mattress in your rental falls into one of the following categories, it is time to get a replacement:

  • Is it your old mattress? If you did not enjoy sleeping on your old mattress, do you think your guests will? Probably not—especially if the mattress is more than 10 years old. At that age, your mattress has likely outlived its usefulness and will not provide the support required for a great night’s sleep. Learn the 4 signs that it is time to buy a new bed.

  • Is the mattress lumpy or sagging? It could be an issue with the foundation (especially if the mattress is newer), or it could just be an old mattress. Learn more about why your mattress is sagging.

  • Has more than one guest complained about the mattress? If multiple guests have complained about the mattress (and not every unhappy guest will verbalize it), do not ignore the issue. Clearly, it is not just the opinion of a particularly picky guest. 

Delivering a refreshing sleep experience should be easy. That is why we started The Bed Boss Host Program.

How The Bed Boss Host Program Works

The great news is that as an operational Airbnb or Vrbo host, you do not have to pay full price for a comfortable new mattress for your rental.

At The Bed Boss, we are proud to offer the best host program available with a 60% discount for hosts plus the opportunity to earn cash for referrals. Read the full details.

In addition to more rave reviews and more repeat guests because of a comfy mattress, The Bed Boss Host Program benefits include:

  • 60% OFF a new mattress (any size) at thebedboss.com

  • A unique 30% OFF coupon code for your guests to use at thebedboss.com (applies to any style, size, or quantity)

  • $250 online store credit or $150 cash commission (your choice) per mattress order purchased at thebedboss.com with your coupon code

  • A bedside Bed Boss mattress display with your coupon code and two Bed Boss catalogs

When you place the 30% discount display cards with your coupon code at the bedside, your guests can easily purchase a Bed Boss mattress for themselves. Every time a guest makes a purchase at thebedboss.com, you get a kickback. It has never been easier to earn extra cash while simultaneously delivering an unforgettable sleep experience! 

One reason why we offer our host program is because as a small business, we depend on word-of-mouth recommendations. By placing a Bed Boss mattress in your rental, you are helping more people find out about (and sleep on!) our mattresses. Our way of saying thank you is with store credit and cash commissions.

Best Mattress for an Airbnb

Remember: you do not have to drop big money when getting a new mattress for your rental. Whether you are charging $500 or $50 a night, a Bed Boss mattress delivers a luxury sleep experience.

Hot Tip: If your listing is premium, you may want to upgrade the bed frame to an adjustable bed to really “Wow!” your guests.

If you are wondering how to pick out a mattress for an Airbnb or Vrbo, our advice is to stick to a mattress in the medium-firm range. The mattresses available through our program hit that mid-range firmness level that fits the comfort preferences of most guests. 

When it is time to set up your new Bed Boss mattress, all you have to do is unroll it in the bedroom and carefully cut open the packaging. The mattress begins expanding instantly. Make sure you allow 24 to 48 hours for the bed to fully decompress. No mattress stores. No complicated deliveries. Just a great night’s sleep delivered directly to your rental’s doorstep.

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Remember: a good mattress can be the difference between a rave review and no review or even a negative review.

Most travelers want to rest and recharge at your rental. They need a bed in which they can catch up on sleep, not lose it. By placing a Bed Boss mattress in your rental, you can offer your guests exactly what they need: a great night’s sleep. 

Apply to our host program today for 60% off a new mattress and the opportunity for commissions. It will soon be music to your ears when you begin to hear from guests: “I slept better on your rental’s mattress than I do on my bed at home!”

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