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7 Ways You Can Make Your Mattress Last Longer

Updated: Feb 10

We bet you already know that a top-quality mattress doesn’t come cheap. And you want it to last, right? By properly maintaining your mattress, you could sleep comfortably on it for up to a decade!

Follow these helpful tips to extend the life of your mattress:

Don't let things get gross, ok?

Don’t Let Things Get Gross

Ever thought about how much time you spend in bed? It’s close to a third of your life. That is a lot of time for your body’s natural oils and dander to accumulate. Things can get nasty. Your mattress may turn unsightly with stains and you could risk skin infections and allergies due to the build-up of bacteria!

Follow your manufacturer’s recommended cleaning schedule and procedures to ensure your investment lasts as long as possible. Click this link for quick Bed Boss mattress maintenance tips: https://www.thebedboss.com/faq

Rotate Your Mattress

We can’t stress it enough—rotate your mattress! Why? Rotating your mattress two to four times per year prevents irreversible wear patterns that can develop from use over time. 

Here’s how: rotate your mattress 180 degrees so that the head is the foot and vice-versa. Many mattresses have built-in handles to make rotating easy peasy. On another note, don’t try flipping your mattress unless it’s two-sided and the manufacturer recommends it.

Protect Your Investment

Avoid a tragedy! Don’t leave the mattress store without a mattress protector. Accidents are inevitable and one bad spill (or naughty pet) could ruin your brand new mattress.

Make it a practice to pair every new mattress purchase with a high-quality protector. A good mattress protector will guard against spills and reduce the amount of dust and dander that accumulates over time. It’s an investment that will save you twenty times what it initially costs. 

Bed Boss mattress protectors offer superior protection at a great price. Check out our Preserve Mattress Protector and gel-infused Cool Response Mattress Protector.

Avoid Walking All Over Your Mattress

This one's quick. Your mattress and frame are built to support weight across the entire surface of the bed—not pinpoint pressure. Standing or jumping on your bed could lead to the sad and untimely demise of your investment. Treat your bed like the invaluable object it is. Don’t walk all over it!

Give Your Mattress Proper Support

Let’s talk bed frames. Did you know that your bed frame plays a vital role in whether or not your mattress will hold up over the years? Think of a bed frame like the foundation for a house. Without a strong and supportive foundation, your house will sag (even collapse) over the years. The same goes for your mattress foundation. Modern memory foam and hybrid mattresses typically require a platform bed frame that is flat or has closely placed slats to prevent dipping or sagging. 

Follow all manufacturer’s recommendations when making your choice of frame. We recommend supporting your Bed Boss mattress with a support system you can depend on like our all-in-one Reliable Folding Frame or adjustable platform bed bases

Treat Moisture Like Your Enemy

Liquids are good at seeping into your mattress and feeding mold growth. The result? A poisoned air supply that you'll be breathing all night. Avoid putting yourself in this undesirable position by soaking up spills as soon as they occur. Once you’ve removed as much liquid as possible with a cloth, don’t immediately cover the spot with linens! Give your mattress as much time as possible to air dry. A fan can be a great help. 

Avoid the spill in the first place with our Preserve Mattress Protector or gel-infused Cool Response Mattress Protector.

Need we remind you? There is nothing like fresh linens

Remember There is Nothing Like Fresh Linens

Your mattress will appreciate a set of fresh sheets almost as much as you! Changing your linens regularly can deter the buildup of dust, dander, and other icky particles.

Give your mattress time to air out when changing the sheets. It needs to breathe. A little bit of sunshine goes a long way as well. Sunlight is naturally anti-microbial and human beings have been using it for hundreds of years for its sanitizing properties.

Need some new linens? We’ve got Soft and Comfy Sheets that you will look forward to snuggling up with at night.

Make the extra effort to care for your mattress and ultimately save yourself a pretty penny. Follow our guidelines to ensure that your mattress purchase leads to years of great sleep. If you have any questions about how to care for your Bed Boss mattress contact us online.

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