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Best pillows for every type of sleeper in 2021

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One pillow infinite sizes

Shapeable, shredded gel-infused memory foam plus natural latex. Luxurious Jacquard Velour cover. Soft. Queen Size.

Now with the extra shredded gel-air memory foam from your Select pillow, and the included pillow pouch, you have the option of creating a comfortable 13” by 13” travel pillow.  


Super-Chill Melody Ice Pillow


Luxurious cool-touch cover and heat-dissipating gel foam pouch filled with custom cut memory foam “ice cubes.” Soft to the touch. Medium firmness. Convenient take-along size. 

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Pillows for every sleep position

The way you sleep is as unique as you are. Whether you are a back, side, or stomach sleeper, The Bed Boss has a pillow for you. Back sleeper? Try the Rejuvenate, a firm pillow with breathable mesh for cool sleep. Side sleeper? You can't go wrong with the Crown, designed with a shoulder notch to eliminate neck strain. Stomach sleeper? Our Dreamer and Superb offer customizable comfort for just the right amount of softness.

Cool comfort gel memory foam

Beaded gel foam is the ultimate in cooling technology, drawing heat away from the body. Thousands of micro-pores allow the movement of air throughout the foam, dissipating heat and promoting cooler, undisturbed sleep. Find Gel Memory foam and a triple cooling experience in the Inspire.

Breathable fabrics

Featuring EverCool technology, silk, bamboo blended fibers, ventilated mesh, or durable micro-fiber, every pillow from The Bed Boss is designed to maximize comfort, breathability, and consistent sleep.

Memory foam

A memory foam pillow from The Bed Boss is the ideal partner to your new mattress. Conforming to the contours of your head and neck and consistently returning to its natural shape, our pillows provide the support and cool sleep you need, and remain like-new much longer than a polyester or cotton fill pillow.

Machine washable covers

Most of our pillows feature removable zippered covers. This allows you to take it off, freshen it up in your home washer, and put it back on in time for bed. *We do not recommend washing the inner foam core of your pillow.

Adjustable comfort

The Dreamer and Superb allow for customizable comfort. Shredded memory foam in an accessible inner pouch lets you choose the level of fill and softness. Remove foam to create a plusher experience or add it back to plump up your pillow for greater support.