At BedBoss, we carefully craft our mattresses for superior comfort.

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3-layered Gel memory foam with super soft and comfort support foams 

3-layered Gel memory foam with super soft and comfort support foams 

3-layered Gel memory foam with super soft and comfort support foams 


base foam

3-layered Gel memory foam with super soft and comfort support foams 

Comfort and

support foam

8-inch individually pocketed 12 gauge coil system

High-density border foam encasement


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High resiliency base foam and cotton frame

2-inch convoluted foam

Super-soft quilt foam

Non woven fabric

2-inch HD plush soft foam

8-inch individually pocketed innerspring coil system

High-class cashmere fabric

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Memory foam enables natural movement at night, promoting uninterrupted sleep by absorbing the energy normally transferred between partners. Memory foam molds to the body, conforming to the body’s curves, then recovers its natural shape. It can improve the flow of blood and oxygen through the body, potentially eliminating tossing and turning caused by poor circulation.

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Memory foam

Beaded gel foam is the ultimate in cooling technology, drawing heat away from the body. Thousands of micro-pores allow the movement of air throughout the foam, dissipating heat and promoting cooler, undisturbed sleep.

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Cool comfort gel memory foam

Mindfully layered designs create differing feels and supports, catering to every individual’s needs and preferences. By combining quality materials and unique pairings, The Bed Boss achieves a variety of comfort profiles.

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Layered support

Utilizing hand-tied jump and tack quilting, carefully sewn decorative elements, and unique attention to detail, The Bed Boss is proud to introduce a line of mattresses featuring traditional craftsmanship.

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Traditional support from individually wrapped, pocketed coil systems combined with the comfort of memory foam provides you with a unique “hybrid sleep” experience.

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Hybrid and pocketed springs 

Experience cushioning comfort with our best memory foams quilted directly into the cover. While adding softness reminiscent of your favorite plush top mattress, our quilted covers are also designed to keep you cooler with gel memory foam.

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Quilted foam covers

​Covers featuring silk, bamboo blended fibers, plush cotton, and durable jacquard, every mattress from The Bed Boss is designed to maximize comfort, breathability, and consistent sleep.

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Breathable fabrics

Many of our anti-microbial covers can be removed and dry-cleaned. The Bed Boss recommends the use of a high-quality waterproof mattress pad to protect the foam from moisture. Take care to avoid spills or moisture that could lead to mold or mildew in the foam.

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Removable cleanable covers

The Bed Boss mattresses are compressed, rolled, and sealed into remarkably small boxes for easy transport and delivery. Ready to unpack and set up when you are, your mattress will return to its original shape and feel within just a few short hours.

compressed mattress for shipping

Compressed for shipping