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Comfy quilted covers

Ten years ago The Bed Boss recognized that our customers deserved better than a block of foam with a sheet on top. Our quilted covers give you the plush memory foam feel that everybody loves. Yes, they take more time, expense, and care to produce, but the result is exponentially more comfortable. Don't settle for a covered slab. Insist on the extra luxury of a quilted cover!

Crazy good prices

Working directly with manufacturer saves you money. But more than that, The Bed Boss just doesn't believe in squeezing every dime we can out of our customers. Our prices have always been and will continue to be fair and affordable. You get a mattress you can love and afford, and we get the satisfaction of creating Better Sleep for a Better World.

Speedy shipping

Fast free shipping via FedEx has been a staple of The Bed Boss since we began back in 2007. You can order and get your new mattress and pillows in 2-3 days.

Awesome customer service

When you reach out to us, you'll find a real live person who cares about your questions and situation. More than a friendly voice, we are flexible, efficient, and actually able to help. Warranties are only as good as the company that backs them up. The Bed Boss values (integrity, generosity, family) shine through in every interaction with our customers. It's a fact and we are proud of it!

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 -Mattress in a Bag-

Vacuum-packed money savings

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All of our mattresses ship in an easy-to-transport bag and set up quickly

Certipur seal of approval

Adjustable Beds

Get a more comfortable night's sleep

Arise Adjustable bed

Our adjustable bases receive high customer satisfaction ratings due to quality and affordable prices

Getting more sleep will not suffice

You need to have good quality, restorative sleep for optimal health and quality of life.

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The Bed Boss has 12 restorative sleep mattresses to choose from

Better Sleep for a Better World

Proudly supporting organizations that transform the lives of women, children and families

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We do not pay thousands of dollars to any publishing company or independent reviewer to write about how awesome our mattresses are. Instead, we love to see your honest reviews and pass the savings on to you.



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