Choose the level of comfort and support that’s right for you.

The Heir ET Plus

Firmness Level 6

Queen $995.95

A fresh new look for an old favorite. Now with Cool Response fabric!

The Crown

Firmness Level 4

Queen $1,315.95

 9 different comfort areas designed to maximize support and airflow

The Revolution

Firmness Level 2.5

Queen $1,435.95

 Featuring a woven cover with state-of-the-art cooling yarn for responsive, cooler sleep.

The Select

Firmness Level 8


Select Mattress

Coming Soon!

The Sweet Dreams

Firmness Level 6.5

Twin $299.95

The Sweet Dreams is a bed your child will want to crawl into early and stay in all night long. 


Firmness Level 4

Queen $705.95

The 9" Elite mattress features: Gel memory foam quilted cover. Great motion isolation ability. Balanced lumbar support & comfort

Support, Comfort, and Indulgence



• Cooling Tencel fabric

• Heat-dissipating higher density bamboo infused memory foam quilted into  cover

• Gel-infused higher density memory foam

• Pressure-relieving traditional memory foam

• High-density rebound memory foam 

• Higher resiliency base foam



• Luxurious silk blended cover

• Gel-infused higher density memory foam

• Higher density memory foam with plush pillow top

Pressure Relieving memory foam featuring contour 9 support

• High resiliency base foam 

Heir ET Plus

• High resiliency base foam 

• Traditional, pressure-relieving memory foam

• Soft cover with premium Tencel Cool Response® treatment

• Gel quilted into premium Tencel Cool Response cover



• Gel quilted into premium velour cover

• Gel memory foam

• Dunlop Latex

•  High resiliency base foam 

•  Soft high resiliency base foam 


Soft blended cotton fabric

• Gel-infused memory foam quilted into cover

• Higher density

memory foam

• Higher resiliency base foam

• Soft base foam

Sweet Dreams

Soft blended cotton fabric

• Removable cover for easy clean up

• Pressure-relieving traditional memory foam ventilated for breathability

• Higher resiliency base foam