Choose the level of comfort and support that’s right for you.

The Revolution Hybrid

Firmness Level 3.5

Queen $1,435.95 

Woven with state-of-the-art cooling yarn for responsive, cooler sleep.


The Hybrid Sleep + Gel

Firmness Level 4.5

Queen $585.95

Cooling comfort and pressure relief.


The Rejuvenate

Firmness Level 5.5

Queen $955.95

Great for all sleeping positions and most comfort preferences.

rejuvenate front schematic.png

The Heavenly Hybrid

Firmness Level 6

Queen $705.95

Extra support for back sleepers.

heavenly front schematic.png


Firmness Level 4.5

Queen $779.95

Cushy comfort and support at an unbeatable value. 


The Melody

Firmness Level 4.5

Queen $1,089.95

Luxurious & comfortable pillow top with ergonomic support, great for side sleepers.

melody front schematic.png

The Prestige

Firmness Level 5.5

Queen $1,315.95

Universal appeal and unmatched quality for all sleeping positions.


Support, Comfort, and Indulgence

The Revolution Hybrid


• Softer high-resiliency base foam

• Premium

cooling cover

• Heat-dissipating, higher density Gel-infused memory foam

• Air-flow high-density memory foam

• Gel-infused higher density memory foam

• 7-inch pocketed innerspring coil system

• High-resiliency base foam

The Rejuvenate

rejuvenate schematic side view.png

• Soft spandex textured cover

• Gel-infused higher density memory foam quilted into spandex-blended cover

• High-density, pressure-relieving 

memory foam

• 7.5-inch individually pocketed coil system

• High-density foam encasement

• Higher resiliency base and edge support foam.

The Hybrid Sleep + Gel


• Anti-microbial removable cotton cover

• Gel-infused higher density memory foam

• Softer high-resiliency base foam

• Individually pocketed coil system

• High-resiliency base foam

The Heavenly Hybrid

heavenly hybrid schematic.png

Anti-microbial removable cotton cover

Gel-infused, high-density memory foam

Soft, high-resiliency foam

Pocketed innerspring coil system

Soft, high-resiliency foam

Higher resiliency base foam for edge support

The Superb


• 3-layered Gel memory foam with super soft and comfort support foams 

• Comfort and

support foam

• 8-inch individually pocketed 12 gauge coil system

• High-density border foam encasement

• High-density 

base foam

The Melody

melody schematic side view_.png

• Soft cotton cover

• Gel quilted into premium cotton cover

• Traditional, pressure-relieving memory foam

• Natural Dunlop latex

• 7.5-inch pocketed innerspring coil system

• High Density foam encasement

• High resiliency base foam and cotton frame


• 1-inch high-density viscoelastic rebound 

memory foam

• 0.75-inch gel-infused higher density memory foam

• 7.75-inch individually pocketed coil system with 5-zone support and HD foam encasement

• Soft cotton cover

• 0.75-inch super soft quilt foam

• Natural Dunlop latex

• 2-inch comfort and support foam

• 0.5-inch heat-treated support foam 

• 1.5-inch higher resiliency base foam

The Prestige