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As a mattress distribution company founded in 2008 by Ben and Andrea Folkins,

The Bed Boss is your premier provider of high-quality memory foam products delivered at some of the most competitive prices you can find in the industry. We create memory foam mattress and memory foam pillow products that provide you with superior, plush comfort combined with exceptional support. We truly enable you to get the best deal on a mattress, whether you live in Chattanooga, Birmingham, Atlanta, Dayton, Jacksonville, or anywhere in the nation.

Our Vision

We take pride in the quality of the mattresses and pillows we create. We seek to reflect our personal values of generosity, service, integrity, and family in everything we do in our business. We work hard to provide you with products that are priced affordably so you can experience the transformative power of a truly restful night's sleep. We also support our retailers and distributors in order to help them provide their customers with sleep products they can highly appreciate and afford.


It is our belief that not only what you do matters, but how you do it.


If you're looking for a memory foam or hybrid mattress sale, you've come to the right place. We offer a wide range of mattresses that are designed to give you a perfect's night's sleep. You can choose from our extensive selection of mattress products, each with its own unique benefits.


The mattresses we offer are constructed with CertiPur U.S. certified foams, without PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP ("Tris") flame retardants or many other toxic materials such as lead and mercury. They also deliver plush, supreme comfort with a multi-layered system that supports and wraps your body in an oasis of relaxation.

bedboss pillows

Pillow & linens

We offer several comfortable pillow options. If you want soft plushness combined with the perfect amount of support, then our memory foam pillows are the perfect solution to achieve cool and comfortable rest.

Cool response mattress protector

Memory Foam Mattresses and Pillows for Deep Rest

We understand that there is much more to life than simply getting a good night's rest. However, getting the sleep you need can make a big difference in how you feel each day. The memory foam mattress and pillow products we offer help you achieve the deep, relaxing rest you need at night.

Rejuvenate mattress and Arise adjustables

Bed & Boxes

Take advantage of the Arise 504 adjustable base for excellent performance, a dual massage feature and more. Or, get the strength and durability you need in a bed base with our Everlasting Folding and Reliable Folding Frame options.


Whether you're looking for the best hybrid mattress you can find, or a comfortable gel memory foam mattress, look no further than our selection at The Bed Boss.

Arise 504  with the Rejuvenate mattress

We are here to serve your comfort needs. Contact us today to inquire about our selection of superb sleep products.